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3 Reasons You Aren’t Making ANY Money

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Marketing Mastery Webinar at 6:00 P.M. Central Standard Time!

Hey team!

We have something awesome planned for you guys, that you’re going to all love!

We’re hosting a webinar at 6:00 P.M. Central Standard time on November 17th.

We want YOU to especially be there. Why?

Watching this webinar will make you a better marketing, increase your commissions, and there’s more on a bonus that’s coming up for you next month.

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What are you waiting for!? (Hurry up)

People tend to leave things on the side, and seem to always water their plants a little to late.


One of the biggest obstacles that even I find hard to get over online, is the ability to take action immediately.

This also occurs to a lot of other people, and possibly even you….

You have this great plan and you’re all set-up to accomplish it, but you’re unsure in what is the first best action to take??

“Do I join this first? Should I ask some more questions?? Should I pay for this?? Is it best to move to this course of action??”


All of these questions go through your mind, preventing you from taking any action at all! And that’s the worst part of it!

You need to be taking immediate, and massive action!
I find that it’s best to stop thinking about all of these distractions, to stop asking all of these questions that there really isn’t an answer for, and to just start by taking massive action!

If you haven’t already, you need to take this massive action!


All of us are looking for a way to generate a reliable income, with the lowest cost possible.

We have it!


You need to immediately join, get your system setup, and then start advertising your squeeze pages! That’s all there is to it my friend.

Once you set up your system, we even have Done-For-You traffic! This will help aid you in your goal to drive as much traffic as possible to your squeeze pages, and your goal of generating as many leads as possible.


We’ll be awaiting you on the inside!

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John Weberg & Nick Allard


Temporary VS Long-Term Gratification

This is one of the biggest issues in the world, that effects YOU and everyone you know.

This is one of the biggest issues, that determines whether or not you become wealthy, health, and rich.

Get it?

Temporary Gratification = Taking, eating, absorbing, expecting, experiencing, something of pleasure that lasts only momentarily, while ignoring the long-term ill effects of that decision.

Long-Term Gratification = Giving up momentary gratification/giving up small pleasures, in order to reap and benefit from a large goal or achievement you want to accomplish.

Unfortunately, 95% of the population thinks only about temporary gratification. For some one who is over-weight, they eat terrible food, because it makes them temporarily happy. They ignore the long-term ill effects. While someone who is fit, eats okay’ tasting healthy food, acknowledges the large goal they want to achieve, keep eating this okay’ tasting food, and stay healthy.

In internet marketing this is a HUGE issue. This separates the home-made, laptop-lifestyle, millionaires. To the struggling, work at home marketers, who give up, makes excuses, and quit.

You, and only you, decide whether or not you are in it for the long run, or are going to quit. Are you willing to stay up at night, give in long hours, give up your comfort, and to take a chance, in order to obtain your dreams and goals?

Or, are you going to except living paycheck-to-paycheck, and never truly experience life?

The decision my friend, is up to you…

Wishing you happiness and courage,

John Weberg

How sick and tired are you?

How much do you enjoy struggling to pay your bills??

Or if you’re a step above that….how much do you enjoy being unable to give to others what you think they deserve?

The biggest question is…how much do you enjoy..not having what you want??  It’s feels pretty painful, and at the least annoying.

Wouldn’t it be such a relief, to always have enough? To pay your bills, always knowing that you’re going to have a surplus of cash always available?

That’s what I can truly offer you. A way out of all of the nonsense and trouble.

Here’s what I have…Marketing Mastery…

You’ve seen a taste of it before, but you’re about to be introduced to something completely new and innovated. We’ve redesigned the entire site, have added additional training, and have reinvented how we market successfully.

You’re going to be introduced to FourCornersAlliance, GVO, and our ELITE marketing training.

We also now have dozens of marketing backers, some including: Richard Weberg, Brenda de Reus, Chris Elsom, myself (Jon Weberg), Nick Alard (The one responsible for building the MME website), and many others.

Nick and I are incredibly excited to launch, and even more excited to start showing you how to multiply your marketing list and so much more.

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We’re ready to go, and nothing is going to stop us. Get ready my friends!


Do You Like To Struggle??

Then why keep doing it?

Every single damn day, billions of people go about living life, at only a tenth of the pace they would like to.

Every single damn day, billions of people go about living life, below the status and happiness that they would love to enjoy.

Are you one out of a few billion?
If you are, I want to help you change that today.

You have to understand, that everyone including YOURSELF, have amazing potential.

All it takes, is the simple decision to act, and you will be on your way to obtaining what you want.


Let’s get you going!

The time for lollygagging, being lazy, and being ignorant is OVER!

Make the decision right NOW! To either improve, move, alter, or change your life for the better!

You Ready?? It’s About To Get Hot!

We’re getting close!

Support and rampart for Marketing Mastery is starting to grow, the site is going through some more final changes, and


Along with MM performing well, FourCornersAlliance is doing great and continuing to grow faster and faster.

I’ve been doing my best to update all of our social media streams in order to keep everyone updated.

YOU, have a job to do.

While you are eagerly awaiting the launch of Marketing Mastery, you need to prepare your list!

Along with any social media profiles that you have, you need to let everyone know so they don’t miss out!

We’re going to make a difference, and we’re going to help a lot of people become successful online.

It’s about to get hot!

If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t joined FourCornersAlliance yet, here’s the link to.

(FourCorners is going to be in the MM downline builder.)

Wishing you success,

John Weberg

Nick Allard

We’re Gonna Earn MASSIVELY Together!

With the new Marketing Mastery system, we’re going to raise your income to another level!

Marketing Mastery is…


-Easiar to use

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We’re going to build your GVO downline, 4CornersAlliance downline, and get you back end sales through Marketing Mastery itself!

You need to get yourself ready IMMEDIATELY!

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