I lost in 500 Rummy! But, did I win anything?

Last night it was my dad’s, Richard Weberg’s,
He’s now the young age of 45!
While celebrating his birthday we ended up playing
a card game called
500 Rummy. However in the end, my dad and I ended
up being tied for last place
while my brother and step-mom where in 1st and

I was of course disappointed that I was tied for
last, but there’s a few things that I took out of
Which means I won in a couple other ways.
1. I learned how to play 500 Rummy, because I had
forgotten how.
2. I enjoyed and felt great playing the game, and
was even happy afterwards even though I lost.
3. I played well, and made some progress, I won!:)

Now when you are marketing, you have to think
about your challenges and losses in the same way,
my friend.
For an example, you’ve set your goal at making
$250 this month in marketing alone.
However, you find that you’ve only make $124.
There’s no reason you should ever take that as a
1. You still made more money, than if you wouldn’t
have made the goal.
2. You made progress, and learned what to do
3. You probably feel really good making an
additional $124.

You win my friend!

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