It’s probably pretty new to you..
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I lost in 500 Rummy! But, did I win anything?

Last night it was my dad’s, Richard Weberg’s,
He’s now the young age of 45!
While celebrating his birthday we ended up playing
a card game called
500 Rummy. However in the end, my dad and I ended
up being tied for last place
while my brother and step-mom where in 1st and

I was of course disappointed that I was tied for
last, but there’s a few things that I took out of
Which means I won in a couple other ways.
1. I learned how to play 500 Rummy, because I had
forgotten how.
2. I enjoyed and felt great playing the game, and
was even happy afterwards even though I lost.
3. I played well, and made some progress, I won!:)

Now when you are marketing, you have to think
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