Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

It was July 2nd, 1776, when the United States formally declared Independence from Great Britain. On July 4th, today, the Declaration of Independence was approved, and our nation was set on its current path. The United States had started on its path to greatness.

The 2nd Continental Congress had declared independence from Great Britain, and all of their lives were at risk. By declaring independence from Britain, these men had not only risked their own lives, but those of our new nation. If the United States could not prevail against Great Britain, countless American lives would have been lost, and America would have been left in ruin, losing decades of hard-earned Colonial labor. Art, Science, Architecture, and Spirit would have all been lost. The Colonies would be filled with sad, spiritless men, women, and children, all left to struggle with all Britain had to throw at them at the time. But we won, and our nation thrived.

But it all started with the delegates of the 2nd Continental Congress. They threw their whole lives into the idea of America. They would have lost everything–their families, their homes, and their lives–if America lost the Revolutionary War. But they believed in their idea of America so firmly, that we prevailed, changing the world forever. Their story is present in the modern day.

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors in history. He invented the phonograph, a movie camera, and a practical electrical lamp. He also had over 1,000 patents. You may think, “Oh, this man must have been a genius growing up, a great student!” Well, you’re wrong, in a sense. Thomas Edison did horribly in school, and many of his teachers thought that he was too stupid to ever learn anything. They were wrong, and he proved his teachers wrong. He changed the world.

Oprah Winfrey is a television star and is worth $2.9 billion, but her days in the spotlight could have been a distant dream. She was fired from her first Baltimore acting job, facing sexism and harassment. She could have quit then, but she didn’t. She got past the harassment and avoided it, eventually turning into the woman she is today. She changed the world.

Henry Ford, creator of the Model-T, the first widely-purchased car, started out his career in a rough way. His first automotive companies failed miserably, and he gained a horrible reputation. When he went out to find Ford, no one would partner with him. They were all unwilling to work with him due to his past failures. But he stuck at it, and he eventually found someone that would partner with him. He changed the world.

Walt Disney, founder of Disney, is known for his great imagination and animation-creating skills. But this was not always the case. A young Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper editor who stated that he lacked imagination and had no good ideas. If Disney would have believed this man and not gone after his dreams, risking everything in the procees, our world would have been a much different place. He changed the world.

I hope this post makes you think a little. Take a risk. Work past a failure. Just because life hasn’t worked for you in the past, or one or two risks have turned out bad, doesn’t mean you have to quit. Take inspiration from the stories above, and take a risk or two.


What are you doing right?

What are you doing right?

What are the things that you are doing that are causing you to succeed? What are you doing that is causing good things to happen and for problems to go away?

Figure out what you are doing right. Then, continue to do it. If you can figure out what makes things work for you, and makes you succeed the most, then you can make those good choices and will yourself to succeed.

We want you to succeed. So, make good choices, move forward from your past, and move forward to your own greater future.