It’s ALMOST Time To Launch!

I’m so excited! Marketing Mastery is looking absolutely AMAZING! Once you see it, you’re going to be completely blown away!


It look so much different than before! But, the program is simpler, easiar to use, and much more profitable! There are fewer steps, improved training, and a traffic co-op!

Fortunately, we also are going to further introduce multiple traffic streams available for you.


The plans for MM that Nick Allard and myself have, are endless. We brainstormed many ideas, and believe that this truly is going to become one of the greatest marketing programs ever made. It’s stupid-simple, lucrative, and dumb-easy to use!



We have been building support and approval for the past few months, and the launch is going to generate thousands!

Get yourself ready, your list ready, and everyone you know ready!

P.S. There’s going to be some very lucrative rewards for people who promote MME…


Awaiting for Marketing Mastery’s great return,

Johnathan Weberg & Nick Allard

The truth? It’s not going to be easy…

I’m not going to give you some hype pitch today, and I’m not going to lie to you.

Starting your own business, and becoming an online marketer, can be one of the most difficult things that you have ever tried to accomplish. It’s going to take countless hours! It’s going to be HARD! It’s going to take STRENUOUS EFFORT!

You JUST have to realize, that once you go through all of the hardships…

you’re going to receive more than what you put in… You’re hours of hard-work, ARE GOING TO PAY OFF!

All you have to do, is to get past the pain….Then you can have the gold at the end of the rainbow:)….

Now, you make the choice in whether or not you do this alone…..

Make your decision…. Either you can do it alone…or go to someone else to help teach you how to become a master marketer…like myself…

It’s your decision my friend, have a wonderful day.

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How sick and tired are you?

How much do you enjoy struggling to pay your bills??

Or if you’re a step above that….how much do you enjoy being unable to give to others what you think they deserve?

The biggest question is…how much do you enjoy..not having what you want??  It’s feels pretty painful, and at the least annoying.

Wouldn’t it be such a relief, to always have enough? To pay your bills, always knowing that you’re going to have a surplus of cash always available?

That’s what I can truly offer you. A way out of all of the nonsense and trouble.

Here’s what I have…Marketing Mastery…

You’ve seen a taste of it before, but you’re about to be introduced to something completely new and innovated. We’ve redesigned the entire site, have added additional training, and have reinvented how we market successfully.

You’re going to be introduced to FourCornersAlliance, GVO, and our ELITE marketing training.

We also now have dozens of marketing backers, some including: Richard Weberg, Brenda de Reus, Chris Elsom, myself (Jon Weberg), Nick Alard (The one responsible for building the MME website), and many others.

Nick and I are incredibly excited to launch, and even more excited to start showing you how to multiply your marketing list and so much more.

Begin Right Here Now:


We’re ready to go, and nothing is going to stop us. Get ready my friends!


Nothing can stop me, I’m sorry…

Nothing can stop me, I’m sorry…

The plan I have in my mind, I will execute. This idea WILL come into reality. Lastly…there is nothing in this world that will stop me from getting there.

I’m going all out, every ounce of my effort, every single ounce of my strength, and every last second that I have, will be spent on making, Marketing Mastery into one of the most successful programs to have ever existed.

I would like to let you all know, that there is currently GINORMOUS backing behind Marketing Mastery and it’s ready to be launched!

Now, you need to hop onto this bandwagon, or you’re not going to be going anywhere soon.

I’m estimating, that within the first month of the launch, we will have an estimated 10,000-20,000 member count. You need to get into this before all of the possible people that you could sponsor into the program, have already joined themselves.

Here is what I’m going to allow you before launch.
I’m going to share with you, A) The main program that Marketing Mastery is focused on marketing. B) The auto-responder that we use in our guide.

You need to prepare your list, because I can’t do it for you.

The main program Marketing Mastery markets. >>>

The auto-responder that Marketing Mastery uses. >>>

Let’s help each other out, and become true Marketing Masters.

Johnathan Weberg
Nick Allard

Skype: jonnywebes Email:

This Is Why I Haven’t Been Successful….

The real reason that I hate to admit….even to myself….

I’ve been lazy…

I’ve been so damn lazy, I’ve stopped marketing, stopped really doing anything. It’s stopped my list from growing, and it’s kept me down for the past 6 months.

Starting today, I’m coming back. I’ve had enough of not having what I want! I’ve realized that there isn’t always a tomorrow, so I have to do my best to live life on my terms, in order to get what I want.

I’ve had enough, and I’m sick of living in mediocrity!

It’s also time, for YOU to stop being so damn lazy. It’s time for YOU, to stop giving excuses, and putting it of until tomorrow, and the tomorrow after.

You need to rise up with me, and to stop being lazy. Believe me, you have it in you. All you need to do, is to pull at your own emotional strings. Why do you have to succeed?

What are you wasting away, and letting die, if you don’t fulfill your dreams?

Take a hold now, and propel yourself forward, with me….

The time for change, is always now.

Johnathan Weberg

What Could Possibly Be Next??

It’s said that…

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” -Whitney Young Jr.

If you happen to be the person that is prepared….I have the opportunity for you. Marketing Mastery is going to launch within the upcoming month!

Database changes have occured, our simple instructions have been improved, and our commission structure is going to payout more than it ever has before. (This is ABSOLUTELY good for you)

You will be able to make commissions through

-FourCornersAlliance *Best payout structure to date. *Recurring

-GVO *Safe/Sound and trusted worldwide. *Recurring


-Traffic Exchanges/Safelists/Other Programs *Recurring

And that’s just the beginning!

Nick Allard and I plan to introduce more and more quality content, how to guides, and other resources for your support. You need to prepare for the upward rollercoaster ahead! Immediately begin notifying your list and social media resources of the upcoming BOOM in marketing.

You’re going to appreciate what we have to offer, because it’s going to help you like no other program can.

Getting you ready for success and happiness,

John Weberg/Nick Allard

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