How can we help you?? What questions do you have??

I want to focus on you, the individual, for a moment.

I want to figure out if you’re having any problems, need any help, or want some advice??
Our goal for our members, is to have them succeed to their maximum potential.

We don’t want to please them, we want to amaze them.

And in order for us to do this, we must concentrate on doing everything we can, to assist them in anyway that we can.

And this inclues you!

I want you, at any time, to send us any questions that you have. Whether you need an explanation of our system, want help getting setup, or are frustrated by something.

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John Weberg & Nick Allard

What are you waiting for!? (Hurry up)

People tend to leave things on the side, and seem to always water their plants a little to late.


One of the biggest obstacles that even I find hard to get over online, is the ability to take action immediately.

This also occurs to a lot of other people, and possibly even you….

You have this great plan and you’re all set-up to accomplish it, but you’re unsure in what is the first best action to take??

“Do I join this first? Should I ask some more questions?? Should I pay for this?? Is it best to move to this course of action??”


All of these questions go through your mind, preventing you from taking any action at all! And that’s the worst part of it!

You need to be taking immediate, and massive action!
I find that it’s best to stop thinking about all of these distractions, to stop asking all of these questions that there really isn’t an answer for, and to just start by taking massive action!

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All of us are looking for a way to generate a reliable income, with the lowest cost possible.

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John Weberg & Nick Allard


We are a TEAM, we work together, we earn together!

What we do here is completely different than
almost every other program…

1. We actually support you. If you ever have any
difficulties, you can always go to a team member
for help or Nick Allard and myself…

2. We help build your downline! Everyone who is
getting referrals, is helping build another
person’s downline also!

3. We work together. We all are working toward the
same goals, and we all want to succeed and achieve
as much as we can.

4. We earn together. If all of us weren’t
contributing to building the same programs and to
building M.arketing Mastery, none of us would earn
at all.

Being together as a team means that we’re all here
to support each other, and we’re all ready to give
out a helping hand if need be. We aren’t afraid to
ask for help, because we’re going to get it. We
give everything we can, to help build this monster
of a program.

We all have to send as much traffic to our squeeze
pages however in order for this to work. So, let’s
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Drive as many hits to your squeeze pages as
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With our kindest regards and best of wishes,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

If you’re not in it for the long run, get out!

This is something that I’ve been talking about for the past few weeks, that I really want to drill into your head…

It may sound crude, but if it gets the message across then my job of getting you ready for success, has been accomplished.

The fact, that if you want to become accomplished in anything in life whether it is promoting Marketing Mastery or running a marathon, the only way you will ever accomplish anything is if you don’t stop trying to accomplish it.

Whether or not you go slow, or fast doesn’t matter nearly as much…as if you stopped altogether.

There have been people who have been only a few feet from millions of dollars of gold, and then stopped digging because they decided to give up.

Success stories are made from those people who have never quit.

You never hear someone being famous for,”Yeah, I almost made millions!”
People care about the RESULTS! Not about, things that were almost accomplished.

That’s what brought me to the title, “If you’re not in it for the long run, get out!”

I literally wrote this message because I actually care about whether or not you succeed and accomplish your goals.
If you are in it for the long run, no matter what, and you’re willing to give it your all. Then GREAT! I want you to keep going and to keep striving!

However, if you are only here to advertise your squeeze pages for a month or two, and then decide to give up… I don’t want you to be wasting your time in the first place! That would be rude of me!

People who are in it for the long run, are always the biggest earners.
Think about any company success story for a person, you can almost guarantee that any employee that has been with a company from the very beginning and stuck with it, is now a major success!

Now, if you haven’t found a program to stick with that you are wanting to truly accomplish something with, then Marketing Mastery can help you with that.

And like I said, only join if you are in it for the long run!

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg & Nick Allard

You want quantity and quality!

There’s always the debate of quantity over quality, and I think that’s ridiculous! You should be able to have both!

In the traffic sense, you want quality traffic, and a LARGE quantity of it!

That’s why when I’m driving traffic to the squeeze pages and splash pages of the members who have obtained our traffic packages,

I only find the best sources of traffic to use, and I grab as much of that traffic as possible!


Everyday, I try to find new sources, and continually use my own time and effort to drive hits to those rotators.

People have also been seeing some great results from the packages. And there’s definitely a reason why, their are a lot of hits being delivered, and they are at a substantial quality!


For ever more, we aim to not please our customers or to make them happy….

We aim to AMAZE them!


If you haven’t already..(You must be hiding underneath rock, and or be a sasquatch)…

Get involved and join with us today!

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard


You might want to watch this??

Did I ever tell you the definition of “Insanity”??

It is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result..

This is what most people do, and they fail online and in life horribly.

In fact over 90% of all people trying to earn online, fail.

10% make it, and 5% get filthy stinking rich…Why is that?

Because those 10% follow a process and systematize everything they do.

1. They take advice from people who have made it, they actually listen, and then apply 100% of what they learned.

Not some of it, ALL OF IT.

2. No matter what happens they keep going, meaning they do not let obstacles stop them from getting to where
they want to go.

3. They are action takers, they do not whine or complain. They seize the day, they go after it.

4. They understand that their is no magic, hocus pocus, push button success, they will have to work for it.

5. They surround themselves with others, that encourage, motivate and inspire them to do more.

6. They ask the right questions, they are not asking why something is not working fast enough, they ask “What
Are the things I can do to speed this along”

A lot of people fail for the pure fact that they blame their failures on others or other things, “it is not working because of this, or because of so and so didn’t do this for me”

You have to make things happen, they will not happen on their own.

With our warmest regards,
John Weberg And Nick Allard

Let’s bury, “I can’t, I won’t, and It’s impossible”

Stop whining! I’m sick of hearing people’s excuses of why they think that they “can’t or won’t” do something. Or the false and inaccurate idea that they give me saying it’s “impossible”!

We’re going to use Marketing Mastery as an example of how someone can accomplish the so called impossible…

But first, let’s give you some examples of people who have exceeded beyond all odds…

Our first example is Eminem….


Here’s some facts about Eminem…

1. Estimated net worth is between 100-200 MILLION bucks.

2. He has had 6 number one albums.

3. He grew up in complete poverty, was raised by a single drug-abusing parent, was bullied and beat-up while he as a child,

was discriminated against, and the facts in the image also show his struggles…

Now, if you were living with Eminem, 30 years ago. You would have said it was IMpossible that he would even become a 100th of what he is now!

Many of us go through less then he has, and accomplish much less!

I wonder what would have happened to Eminem if he would have said, “I can’t make a great album. I won’t make a great album. Or, it’s impossible to make a great album.”


Next up for a final example…Abraham Lincoln


How many people do you know that could go through 8 elections, fail every single time, and then come back in an 9th election?!

Known as one of the more notorious and impressive presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln moved past many horrors to

become what he was known as today.

I wonder what life would be like today, if Abraham Lincoln would have said, “I can’t try for office again. I won’t try for office again. Or it’s impossible to try for office again.”


The whole point of this message, is to prove to YOU, that nothing is impossible. As long as you choose your dream, make a plan to achieve it, and then every single day with all of your passion, you commit to making actions that will bring you closer to that dream.

Now, many of you are struggling right now. You’re having a hard time producing a large enough income, and right now you’re thinking, it’s IMpossible! There’s no way I can get what I want!? Or is there??

Let’s bury, I can’t, I won’t, and It’s impossible.


This is where Marketing Mastery comes in. Our members have been not just liking and loving our system, but seeing actual results!

People who have never seen a referral in their entire marketing career are finally seeing referrals!

People who have never seen commissions are seeing commissions! It’s like FINALLY! They’ve found a system that works.


We offer this system to YOU. You’ve so far learned that the IMpossible is really possible. Just look at the word closely…

IMpossible. IM-possible. I’M possible. I Am Possible. 🙂 That’s my way of looking at it!:)


It highly believed that you can actually earn a substantial income from building your list from Marketing Mastery. (MME).

You simple have to join, follow the system, advertise your squeeze pages, and then watch the results come flying in like a pack of headless monkeys!:)

Find out your potential here:


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Your Daily 3 Steps To Success In 3 Days

I have been marketing online now over 6 years,
and in that time I have learned a few
things..Sometimes I learned the hard way.

My first 5 years were a massive struggle, I was
confused, over whelmed, and did not build my e.mail
marketing list. I knew I was suppose to, but did
not listen when I was given the advice, instead I
wanted to do it my way.. I thought I knew it all
and could do it faster by just sending people to a
sales page or affiliate link first..

Guess what? That did not work, after five years I
had spent thousands and earned a couple hundred
bucks total. There were days I wanted to throw my
computer out the window, or smash it into itty
bitty pieces.

But what I did instead, was made a commitment to
learn the right way to make income online, and I
vowed to my self, that I would never quit, and I
would be successful no matter what!

Once I made those decisions, I started listening
and building my email list, I made more m.oney in
the next 30 days then I did in the prior past 5 years

These are the three steps I started doing day in
and day out, everyday.

1. Driving traffic daily
2. Built my email list with my traffic
3. Followed up by email with my email list daily

The fortune is made in the follow up, if you do
not have a email list, you can not follow up with
anyone…Make sense?

Making m.oney online is actually really simple, all
you need to have is the right process (system) in
place, and implement those three steps daily.

The process (system) consists of:

1. Traffic
2. An Offer (Your Opportunities/Products)
3. Squeeze Pages (opt-in Forms On all your Pages)
4. A Autoresponder (Your Email List Is Here)
5. Conversion (Your Emails You Send To Your List
with your offers)

Every successful marketer I have met online in my
6+ years doing internet marketing, uses the same
basic process, and follows those three steps

On average it takes someone online seeing your
offer 5 to 7 times, before they will buy from you
or join you in a business opportunity.

This is why building your email list is so
critical to your success.

Get instant access here:

With our kindest regards,

The kindling Jon Weberg and the oh so mysterious Nick Allard

The Full Formula To Fulfilling Success

I’m not telling you that you have to go out and do
this, I’m just giving you a formula for obtaining
what you want, that I have used over the past
years and have been successful with….

First things first… You need a goal to reach.
Whether it’s obtaining $10,000 of extra income,
becoming a fitness model, or getting yourself 200
referrals into Marketing Mastery….

Example: I will become in shape, and become fit.

Next, you need a date set that you will accomplish
this goal by. This will ensure that you complete
this goal in a normal time.

Otherwise you could set getting 200 referrals into
Marketing Mastery, over the course of 3 years. And
we all know that you can do better than that.

Example: I will become extremely fit. Within 30

Once you have chosen the dream or goal that you
want to reach, and the time, you need to make a

This plan is going to consist of, how you are
going to go about accomplishing this dream or

Example: My dream is to become fit. I will do this
in 30 days. I will become fit by running every

Finally, we have the hardest part of this equation
that 90% of people fail to do. Actually putting
the plan into action!

They don’t ACT!!! This is the part of the formula,
where to do the specified task that you choose in
order to obtain your goal.
And you don’t just do this task one time. Or a
couple times.

You need to take the necessary
actions, that you decided you would make in your
plan, EVERY SINGLE DAY! And you’re not going to
kinda do them, you’re going to perform them to the
best of your ability!

And you keep on consistently every single day,
performing the necessary tasks in your plan,
non-stop until you accomplish your goal!

This will make your success rate increase
exponentially! And you’ll love seeing the results!
It’ll make you happy!

Get involved with us by clicking here!
Now I’ve also came up with an idea that I think
would truly show how well Marketing Mastery helps
its members accomplish, claim, and keep, their own
dreams and goals…

What if we all participated in a program wide
goal? What if we had a certain number of referrals
we wanted to enlist, a date to have that many
referrals by, a plan to obtain those referrals,
and acted on that plan each and every day with all
of our might??


Let’s take a crack’at’it and see what happens!

Now I’m going to list my own custom goal, I would
highly recommend that you try obtaining this goal
too, but if you feel it’s to much, feel free to
lower the number of referrals down to what you’re
comfortable with.

Goal: Have 50 more referrals in Marketing Mastery

Finish Date: 09/10/15. (September 10th, 2015)

Plan: I’m going to advertise my MME squeeze pages
to my safe-lists, traffic exchanges, personal
list, through solo-ads, funnel clicks, and other
various sources.

Act: I’m doing right now! And will continue to do
so every day!

Start with me by clicking here!

Let’s have fun with this too! If you don’t reach
your goal, that’s fine, you still made some
awesome progress in building your business.

With our warmest regards and best of luck,

John Weberg & Nick Allard