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The Master Schedule…YOU need to be following!

There are still a few people who are unclear on the key and critical steps that

they need to be taking every day in order to become a successful and

thriving marketer. You’re going to learn that it’s pretty easy, and really doesn’t

take that much time at all.


Step 1:

Send out a broadcast to your list.

Whether you’re asking them for assistence, are offering them a tool to advance their own marketing, or you’re selling them on Marketing Mastery, you NEED to be sending a broadcast to your list every single day.


Step 2:

Drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

Every single day you need to be sending as much traffic to your squeeze pages as you possibly can! Again, this is crucial and without it, your business will fail! So get sending that traffic!


Step 3:

Support Your List:

You need to be answering any questions your list has, and offering them help whenever you can.

It’s important to help promote their growth!


Those are the 3 basic things that you need to be doing!

There’s a few other key notes here and there but those three take the cake for me.


Now get going!

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg and Nick Allard

I’m going to take you back to school! (Kinda literally)

As I am writing this…I’m actually in school. Data Analysis homework is done as I’m in my 5th hour class, so I decided to write this while I have the extra time.

I’m not going to talk about being in school or how my grades are doing. But rather, the lesson you can learn from this. Now listen closely…

What are you doing at this moment?

Maybe watching tv, on the computer just fumbling around, eating some dinner, or something else that isn’t investing time or money into your business.

But if you are doing something to promote your squeeze pages or sending messages to your list, then good for you.

Now, what could you be doing? (For those of you who are being lazy and not getting to work.)

You COULD be making more money.

You COULD be delivering more traffic.

The list goes on forever…

Why aren’t you utilizing your time to earn more?

I’m IN SCHOOL, and still find the time to send a broadcast to my list.


Are you going to let me pass you up? Do you want to be left in the dust?

I figured the answer would be no.

What do you need to do now that you’re pumped and ready to go!?

Start sending traffic to your squeeze pages! Start sending more broadcasts to your list!

Then I can guarantee that you’ll earn more then you have before!

There’s five minutes to the bell so I’ll stop here for now.

Have a good day!

Jon Weberg

Contine reading

We’re on our way! Are you coming with?

Our TEAM is headed to the top and there’s no time to stop!

There is however one question that you need to ask yourself right this instant….

Are you coming with us?


You have to be prepared to be sending massive amount of traffic to your squeeze pages.

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It’s not our aim, to make you pleased…. It’s our aim, to amaze you.

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Get inside here now! (You never know what’s next)

That’s right folks! We’re coming out with new content and you’re going to LOVE IT!

Our new FAQS page is up for you to view as we speak.

We decided to add some very valuable information to Marketing Mastery just for you.

We want our TEAM to succeed, and understand it needs a few tools for that to happen.

Our goal of reaching 10,000 members will be achieved!

This will help build everyone’s downline in the entire Marketing Mastery system. (Yes, this means yours too)

It’s stupendous how the site has started to convert even higher due to our changes, and we’re ecstatic to keep on making them!

You need to do your part now, and I believe that you have it in you my friend!

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WAKE UP right NOW!

It’s taken awhile to hit me but I understand it now!

If it’s to be….it’s up to ME!

It’s time for now just myself to wake up, but you, your list, and everyone else we can get to see the light!

We have to take this online world by storm with Marketing Mastery!
I want to see your pages advertised in every safelist, traffic exchanges, blog, email, social media site, and other possible traffic source out there!
It’s time for us to kick butt and take some major names!

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Are you missing the boat? Here’s what you haven’t learned yet…

You’ve been trying to earn as much as you possibly can during the past time few months online…and it’s maybe not been working out like you’ve expected.

Now I’ve been through the same struggle before, and I understand how you feel. You’re trying, trying, trying, and finally you’re trying….but nothing really seems to be working right for you.

It’s difficult to handle, but you manage to get through.

I however, know the few reasons why you may not have been successful thus far. It’s actually pretty simple, so just keep reading…

You could be experiencing a variety of any of these problems…

1. Not driving enough traffic.

2. Not marketing the right opportunity.

3. Not having a done-for-you system.

You get the picture.

There’s many excuses, reasons, and whys that we all don’t succeed, BUT WE HAVE TO GET PAST THEM!

And if you aren’t committing yourself…then you’re going to miss the boat!

Imagine that you’re moving to a different country. The only way to get there, is to work your ass off, earn as much as you can, and buy your ticket to get there.

Just think of it as marketing now. You have a goal of a certain amount of bucks you want to make. In order to get there, you have to send traffic to your squeeze pages, send out broadcasts to your list, yada yada the list goes on.

It’s the same idea.

Now, when working toward this goal. There’s two ways that you can go about trying to board this ship to your dream.

Option B. (Least preferrable) You create an entire new funnel from scratch, go find the right opportunity, and go find the correct traffic sources to you.

Option A. (Most preferrable and is much simpler and easier)

You use the most complete Done-For-You funnel online to generate traffic, leads, and a residual income all at an ongoing consistent pace. Marketing Mastery is the simplest tool that you can use to start building your own business in less then an hour. You can make instant commissions in your VERY FIRST DAY, and begin earning faster then you ever have before.

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Put your money where you mouth is!

Today I have a new video for you guys that I did on Friday, that will help many of you grow exponential and will help you build your business faster and easier.

This video talks about the important fact that YOU NEED TO! ……Put your money where your mouth is!

You’ll understand more after you watch the entire video here:

Make sure to let me know if you guys want any specific topic talked about in a video.

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg and Nick Allard