Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way!

Whether you are poor, rich, middle-class, a gentlemen, a women, have long hair, or like pizza, does not determine your life path!

It’s all on YOUR WILL!

You will and create your own life story, and how you create it, is your choice.

Some people go about their lives negatively, and get a negativity filled life path. Some take the latter.

No matter your situation in life, remember that YOU HAVE CONTROL!

And speaking of taking control, I plan to take control of a brand new 2016 Mustang in about 58 days!:)

Did I mention that I’m only 16??:)

There are two reasons that I have set this goal for myself.

1. I really want a 2016 Mustang.

2. I want to PROVE TO YOU, and EVERYONE ELSE, that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how rich you CURRENTLY are, or what other people think.

You can do, ANYTHING, that you want.

All it takes, is YOUR OWN WILL, which will create your OWN WAY.

P.S. If you are participating in my 2016 Mustang Challenge.

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Wishing you a successful, healthful, and happy life,

Johnathan Weberg

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