Temporary VS Long-Term Gratification

This is one of the biggest issues in the world, that effects YOU and everyone you know.

This is one of the biggest issues, that determines whether or not you become wealthy, health, and rich.

Get it?

Temporary Gratification = Taking, eating, absorbing, expecting, experiencing, something of pleasure that lasts only momentarily, while ignoring the long-term ill effects of that decision.

Long-Term Gratification = Giving up momentary gratification/giving up small pleasures, in order to reap and benefit from a large goal or achievement you want to accomplish.

Unfortunately, 95% of the population thinks only about temporary gratification. For some one who is over-weight, they eat terrible food, because it makes them temporarily happy. They ignore the long-term ill effects. While someone who is fit, eats okay’ tasting healthy food, acknowledges the large goal they want to achieve, keep eating this okay’ tasting food, and stay healthy.

In internet marketing this is a HUGE issue. This separates the home-made, laptop-lifestyle, millionaires. To the struggling, work at home marketers, who give up, makes excuses, and quit.

You, and only you, decide whether or not you are in it for the long run, or are going to quit. Are you willing to stay up at night, give in long hours, give up your comfort, and to take a chance, in order to obtain your dreams and goals?

Or, are you going to except living paycheck-to-paycheck, and never truly experience life?

The decision my friend, is up to you…

Wishing you happiness and courage,

John Weberg

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