This is one of the biggest lessons you will ever learn. (Don’t Ignore This!)

Beginning, and starting a business can be one of
the most stressful, hard-work filled, and
difficult things that you have ever done..

You have to be able to manage income and outcome,
manage your time, how much you give to the
business, what you will put back into it, and so
many other factors…

There is however one thing that many people
ignore, tend to never be taught, and it tends to
lead to the downfall of almost every beginning

They.. (this might be yourself)… are afraid to
spend any mone.y!

“I don’t want to lose it!” “I need it!” “I want to
do this the free way!”

All of those statements are completely
logical….except in business, they’re wrong and

“How’s that Jon??”

Well, let’s imagine that McDonald’s now makes
their burgers for free.

You go to the McDonald’s drive through,”Can I have
fifty-five cheeseburgers please?”

“Sure that’ll be free, please continue to the next

Great for you! You just got fifty-five
cheeseburgers at no cost!

Let’s go check how McDonald’s is faring though…

First off they are at a loss, because they lost 55
burgers, with zero income. So let’s say they are
negative around 100

Next, they have to pay their employee’s. All 23 of

See what I’m getting at?!

The lesson that you need to learn, although you
will be afraid to learn it, is…


I know you hold your cashola close to your heart,
under your mattress, and safe in vaults.

But, in order for the very economy to work, you
need to get rid of some of it! Don’t be afraid!

Now, I’m not saying go out and obtain yourself a
gorgeous Lamborginni, I’m saying that in order to
build YOUR business, you need to spend some! Maybe
even more then some!

The only reason I’m telling you this, is because I
finally understood this lesson myself not to long
ago. In order to originally build MME, it cost a
LOT OF MONEY! And at 17 years-old, at the time I
didn’t have that much!

But, I gave some up, and with the help of the
mysterious Nick Allard, and the conversionist
Richard Weberg, built this empire!
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With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

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  1. well said my friend. There is no way anyone can succeed business without the investment. I guess some things are impossible:- This why most people prefer to work for someone else because business requires lots of responsibilities and discipline. I will encourage most of my team to read this. Thanks bro

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