My final realization…there are no breaks. (Unfortunately)

This is an issue that even I failed to realize untill now…

It took me a few years, but I think that I finally understand it.

First let’s start off with this..Have you ever heard the saying, “Life goes on” ???

Well, in this circumstance we are using it in another way.

While you’re away from your computer…. Life goes on!

What’s this mean?? Let me explain…

While you are watching tv, eating dinner, working outside, at your job, going on a walk, anything other than an activity that grows your business and list….Life goes on. The internet goes on. People aren’t seeing your pages, you’re reaching less people, therefore making less money, and then leading to the inevitable….

Leaving your upset and angry at why your business isn’t succeeding as well as it should be.
I have felt this way before and stilll do. I do tons of work, get some great results, then I make the false assumption that I can take a little break just for a moment…NOPE!

One of the most defining characteristics of successful people and prospering business’s…is their abilitiy to never stop growing. And to never take any breaks…Or to minimize the breaks to an absolute minimum…

Get going now my friend, because there are no breaks!

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Jonathan Weberg & Nicholas Allard

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