You have to plant the seeds to reap the garden! (It’s pretty simple)

It’s easier then it sounds, and not nearly as dirty and grimy.

I’ll explain in a bit, once I give you this perfect example…


Right now you are in the efforts of building your list. (The fastest and most powerful way to make an income online)

And in order to do this you need a few things.

1. An autoresponder. 2. An opportunity for others to join and gain value from. 3. Traffic to drive to your squeeze pages to build your list. 4. The most important thing…the will to work for what you want.

What does this create??  The perfect and most effortless system possible, that will generate you earnings as long as you send traffic to your squeeze pages. (This is what we give you with MM)


The first 3 are things that everyone who is becoming a marketer can easily obtain within the hour. However, the 4th thing, is what is missing from 99% of the people who are trying to produce earnings. Think about it my friend…..


Right now with Marketing Mastery…you have all of the beginning 3 things!

1. You have GVO HostThenProfits for you autoresponder.

2. 4CornersAllianceGroup and CashAdStream.

3. You have our Done-For-You traffic packages to help send traffic to your links. (YOU STILL NEED TO BE DRIVING OTHER TRAFFIC TOO HOWEVER)

4. Here’s where you come into play.
Let’s talk about #4, and go back to our headline…..

This is something that I can’t personally give you…It has to come from within YOU!

You have to be willing to work hard for what you want.

How do you think beautiful master-work gardens come to be???


Someone has to plant all of the seeds, water the plants, take out weeds, and make sure the garden is in tip top shape. Finally, think about all of the dollars that people who make gardens spend!

They spend thousands!

(In MME, you spend not even close to that!!)

That’s what #4 means for you. You have to take care of your garden or IT WILL WILT!
YOU NEED TO, this isn’t a want.

1. Send traffic to your squeeze pages each and every day.

2. Send out a broadcast to your list every single day.

3. Help anyone on your list to the best of your ability.

4. Work for what you want!

5. If you don’t currently have or can perform tasks 1-3…Then you need to login to MM right now! Join GVO, join 4CornersAlliance, join CAS, grab a traffic package, and get your damn system set-up!


And if you say that you don’t have enough time, or you say you don’t have enough bucks on hand, or if you give me any excuse….I only have 1 question for you….
Do you actually want your garden to grow???

Get instant access to your very own done for you seeds (Your own system) through here.

With our kindest regards and best wishes,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

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