Don’t Give Up

I have two questions for you, that I want you to
answer for yourself.

What do you think the world would be like today,
if everyone’s dreams, aspirations, and goals, had
all been accomplished?

What would the world be like, if all of the
world’s famous inventors, innovators, great minds,
had all given up before they had accomplished
their noteworthy accomplishments?

It is said, that giving up is one of man’s
greatest mistakes. This is because, you will NEVER
find out what could have happened, if you would
have tried JUST ONE MORE TIME.

Giving up can mean the difference, between being
broke, and becoming a millionaire. Because all it
takes, is a single idea, to generate millions.

Giving up can mean the difference, between a
business succeeding or failing.

Giving up can mean the difference, between your
success or failure. This is why, YOU CAN’T GIVE UP!

It’s not even an option!

You’re options are only to go forward.

And I understand that not giving up can be hard.
You might be struggling, nothing seems to be
working, and giving up might seem to be the right
option. But it’s not, you can’t give up. Because
you will never know what could have happened, if
you would have kept going.

If you’re struggling to market online, that’s
okay. We’re here to help you. You’re not going to
give up, you’re going to keep going. If you need
any help at anytime, let us know. Contact Parc, or
myself. Skype us, contact our social media pages,
whatever works for you.

How do you find the will power to not give up?

By focusing on WHY you are doing the thing that
you are doing. Focus on WHY you are marketing.
Focus on WHY you are working out. Focus on
whatever the goal is, and focus on the rewards you
will reap by accomplishing this goal.

You WILL succeed. There is no longer any IF’s or
BUT’s. Only, when your goal or dream is going to
become a reality. Decide TODAY, that you will not
give up on your goals, dreams, aspirations, or on
yourself. Because if you don’t give up, the
possibilities are endless.

With my kindest regards,

John Weberg

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