What Do You Really Want?

I’m not talking about what you tell people so that you’re not embarrassed, I’m not talking about the dreams that you have made to fit society’s demand for mediocrity, I want to know the real thing that you desire most out of this life.

Why would I want to know such a thing??

Because I want you to finally realize, that whatever you want from this life, you can have.
You hear that? Anything that you want, you can have. Most of you either A) Don’t believe me. Or B) You’re thinking,”Anything? A plane? A house on the hills that cost $45 million dollars? What about a Lamborghini? The love of my life?

To the person who thinks A(I will prove it to you.

To the person who thinks B( All of those things.

Allow me to explain to you, how you can obtain, anything. (And legally to:)

Let’s take a look at how every amazingly successful person has obtained their success, wealth, happiness, and property.

Leslie Brown didn’t grow up wealthy, or even in the middle class. He was born on a linoleum floor in an abandoned building. Les Brown was declared “educably mentally retarded” while in grade school. He grew up in a poor section of Miami, Florida. Les was raised by a single 38 year old mom, who had adopted him.

He is now, one of the most influential motivational speakers in the world. Les lives happily and has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. These are only a tiny stitch, in his blanket of achievements.

Leslie Brown grew to obtain all of this fame and fortune, through nonstop work, dedication, and effort. He ran for office, worked for a radio station, and held many other jobs to become what he is today.

Being born in an abandoned building, poor, and declared “educably mentally retarded”, he changed the world.

Oprah Winfrey is a television star and is worth $2.9 billion, but her days in the spotlight could have been a distant dream.

She was fired from her first Baltimore acting job, facing sexism and harassment. She could have quit then, but she didn’t.

She continued along a similar business path..and became who she is today.

John Paul DeJoria, Jay-Z, Sheldon Adelson, and Steve Jobs, all grew up poor. But, somehow, every one of them turned moneyless pockets, into overflowing pockets.

You now should understand. That it’s possible. You can become a millionaire, as long as you are willing to work for it.

So….What do you really want??





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