You have to plant the seeds to reap the garden! (It’s pretty simple)

It’s easier then it sounds, and not nearly as dirty and grimy.

I’ll explain in a bit, once I give you this perfect example…


Right now you are in the efforts of building your list. (The fastest and most powerful way to make an income online)

And in order to do this you need a few things.

1. An autoresponder. 2. An opportunity for others to join and gain value from. 3. Traffic to drive to your squeeze pages to build your list. 4. The most important thing…the will to work for what you want.

What does this create??  The perfect and most effortless system possible, that will generate you earnings as long as you send traffic to your squeeze pages. (This is what we give you with MM)


The first 3 are things that everyone who is becoming a marketer can easily obtain within the hour. However, the 4th thing, is what is missing from 99% of the people who are trying to produce earnings. Think about it my friend…..


Right now with Marketing Mastery…you have all of the beginning 3 things!

1. You have GVO HostThenProfits for you autoresponder.

2. 4CornersAllianceGroup and CashAdStream.

3. You have our Done-For-You traffic packages to help send traffic to your links. (YOU STILL NEED TO BE DRIVING OTHER TRAFFIC TOO HOWEVER)

4. Here’s where you come into play.
Let’s talk about #4, and go back to our headline…..

This is something that I can’t personally give you…It has to come from within YOU!

You have to be willing to work hard for what you want.

How do you think beautiful master-work gardens come to be???


Someone has to plant all of the seeds, water the plants, take out weeds, and make sure the garden is in tip top shape. Finally, think about all of the dollars that people who make gardens spend!

They spend thousands!

(In MME, you spend not even close to that!!)

That’s what #4 means for you. You have to take care of your garden or IT WILL WILT!
YOU NEED TO, this isn’t a want.

1. Send traffic to your squeeze pages each and every day.

2. Send out a broadcast to your list every single day.

3. Help anyone on your list to the best of your ability.

4. Work for what you want!

5. If you don’t currently have or can perform tasks 1-3…Then you need to login to MM right now! Join GVO, join 4CornersAlliance, join CAS, grab a traffic package, and get your damn system set-up!


And if you say that you don’t have enough time, or you say you don’t have enough bucks on hand, or if you give me any excuse….I only have 1 question for you….
Do you actually want your garden to grow???

Get instant access to your very own done for you seeds (Your own system) through here.

With our kindest regards and best wishes,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Watch This Video!

My father, Richard Weberg, who helped create Marketing Mastery has made an amazing video detailing exactly how Marketing Mastery works, how simple it is, and why we are the best program out there.

He thoroughly explains how easy the program is to use, and why the traffic packages are the best value for traffic that you will ever experience.


Watch it right now, right here.


Marketing Mastery is exploding in it’s number of opt-ins, traffic, and referrals that members are receiving!

I can’t believe at how high the conversion has truly become.
For those of you who haven’t joined yet… What are you waiting for??

Every single day people are getting leads, and sign-ups in FourCorners AND GVO!

Everyday that you don’t have one of the traffic packages, you’re missing out!


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In my final words I’d like to say… Thank you all for each and every one of your efforts!

Make sure you follow the system exactly!

And have a wonderful day!


With our kindest regards and wishes,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

We’ve LAUNCHED! Get on board!

Marketing Mastery Elite has officially launched! Members are pouring in, we’ve already had multiple sales, and people are giving our program nothing but praise!

Honestly though I’m not surprised…We’ve been working on conversion for the past year and it has finally paid off! Just look at it for yourself!

This site is not just looking amazing, but PERFORMING AMAZING!

Members are happy, and glad that we’ve finally launched. Thanks to everyone who’s helped to create this marketing giant!

If you’ve not joined already, or you’re hiding under a rock….GET INTO THIS!


Tomorrow is LAUNCH!

I’m pumped, excited, and I just can’t hide it! Tomorrow is the day that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time!

Marketing Mastery is going to officially become one of the most successful internet marketing programs every to be made!

Our Done-For-You Traffic, combined with FourCornersAlliance, AND GVO….it CAN’T be matched!


If you haven’t already, or if you are hiding under a rock….PREPARE YOURSELF!

This program is going to truly explode EVERYWHERE on the internet!

We have public backing, amazing support, unstoppable conversion, and a great programer.

There’s nothing more that we could ask for.


It’s coming, and it’s coming FAST!

The Launch Date Is Monday!

Starting Monday, Marketing Mastery Elite will officially be LIVE!

Our 2 major programs, plus our great converting traffic co-op, is going to be huge!
We’ve been working on every tiny little detail of the site, making sure the conversion was perfect for our members.

It’s going to become of the greatest success’s online, and it’s going to generate a GINORMOUS income for everyone involved.


You better prepare yourself RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already. This site has public backing, big time marketer backing, and my own!

We have conversion that will demolish competition, and a system that is simpler than almost all others.
Get ready! Get set! Go…on Monday!

Wishing you success,

Johnathan Weberg

Nicholas Allard

Richard Weberg

It’s On Your Door Step!

It’s so exciting I can’t hold it in! We’re about to LAUNCH! No, not lunch, LAUNCH!

The program is THIS close to being done. Finishing changes are being made, your custom squeeze pages are being tweaked, and it’s all being renewed!


You need to immediately get your list prepared for what’s going to come! We have support from big-time marketers, and I’m going to work my

@$$ off in order to launch this how I want it to!


Fortunately for you, you get a sneak peak! 🙂

Tell your social media followers, your blog followers, and everyone else about us!

Our custom squeeze pages, income multiplying custom built funnel, and easy to use system is going to bring you to SUCCESS! FINALLY!

Wishing you happiness and profits,

Jon Weberg & Nick Allard

Temporary VS Long-Term Gratification

This is one of the biggest issues in the world, that effects YOU and everyone you know.

This is one of the biggest issues, that determines whether or not you become wealthy, health, and rich.

Get it?

Temporary Gratification = Taking, eating, absorbing, expecting, experiencing, something of pleasure that lasts only momentarily, while ignoring the long-term ill effects of that decision.

Long-Term Gratification = Giving up momentary gratification/giving up small pleasures, in order to reap and benefit from a large goal or achievement you want to accomplish.

Unfortunately, 95% of the population thinks only about temporary gratification. For some one who is over-weight, they eat terrible food, because it makes them temporarily happy. They ignore the long-term ill effects. While someone who is fit, eats okay’ tasting healthy food, acknowledges the large goal they want to achieve, keep eating this okay’ tasting food, and stay healthy.

In internet marketing this is a HUGE issue. This separates the home-made, laptop-lifestyle, millionaires. To the struggling, work at home marketers, who give up, makes excuses, and quit.

You, and only you, decide whether or not you are in it for the long run, or are going to quit. Are you willing to stay up at night, give in long hours, give up your comfort, and to take a chance, in order to obtain your dreams and goals?

Or, are you going to except living paycheck-to-paycheck, and never truly experience life?

The decision my friend, is up to you…

Wishing you happiness and courage,

John Weberg

It’s ALMOST Time To Launch!

I’m so excited! Marketing Mastery is looking absolutely AMAZING! Once you see it, you’re going to be completely blown away!


It look so much different than before! But, the program is simpler, easiar to use, and much more profitable! There are fewer steps, improved training, and a traffic co-op!

Fortunately, we also are going to further introduce multiple traffic streams available for you.


The plans for MM that Nick Allard and myself have, are endless. We brainstormed many ideas, and believe that this truly is going to become one of the greatest marketing programs ever made. It’s stupid-simple, lucrative, and dumb-easy to use!



We have been building support and approval for the past few months, and the launch is going to generate thousands!

Get yourself ready, your list ready, and everyone you know ready!

P.S. There’s going to be some very lucrative rewards for people who promote MME…


Awaiting for Marketing Mastery’s great return,

Johnathan Weberg & Nick Allard

The truth? It’s not going to be easy…

I’m not going to give you some hype pitch today, and I’m not going to lie to you.

Starting your own business, and becoming an online marketer, can be one of the most difficult things that you have ever tried to accomplish. It’s going to take countless hours! It’s going to be HARD! It’s going to take STRENUOUS EFFORT!

You JUST have to realize, that once you go through all of the hardships…

you’re going to receive more than what you put in… You’re hours of hard-work, ARE GOING TO PAY OFF!

All you have to do, is to get past the pain….Then you can have the gold at the end of the rainbow:)….

Now, you make the choice in whether or not you do this alone…..

Make your decision…. Either you can do it alone…or go to someone else to help teach you how to become a master marketer…like myself…

It’s your decision my friend, have a wonderful day.

Skype: jonnywebes Email: Guide:

Nothing can stop me, I’m sorry…

Nothing can stop me, I’m sorry…

The plan I have in my mind, I will execute. This idea WILL come into reality. Lastly…there is nothing in this world that will stop me from getting there.

I’m going all out, every ounce of my effort, every single ounce of my strength, and every last second that I have, will be spent on making, Marketing Mastery into one of the most successful programs to have ever existed.

I would like to let you all know, that there is currently GINORMOUS backing behind Marketing Mastery and it’s ready to be launched!

Now, you need to hop onto this bandwagon, or you’re not going to be going anywhere soon.

I’m estimating, that within the first month of the launch, we will have an estimated 10,000-20,000 member count. You need to get into this before all of the possible people that you could sponsor into the program, have already joined themselves.

Here is what I’m going to allow you before launch.
I’m going to share with you, A) The main program that Marketing Mastery is focused on marketing. B) The auto-responder that we use in our guide.

You need to prepare your list, because I can’t do it for you.

The main program Marketing Mastery markets. >>>

The auto-responder that Marketing Mastery uses. >>>

Let’s help each other out, and become true Marketing Masters.

Johnathan Weberg
Nick Allard

Skype: jonnywebes Email:

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