What Could Possibly Be Next??

It’s said that…

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” -Whitney Young Jr.

If you happen to be the person that is prepared….I have the opportunity for you. Marketing Mastery is going to launch within the upcoming month!

Database changes have occured, our simple instructions have been improved, and our commission structure is going to payout more than it ever has before. (This is ABSOLUTELY good for you)

You will be able to make commissions through

-FourCornersAlliance *Best payout structure to date. *Recurring http://www.marketingmasteryelite.com/4corners.html

-GVO *Safe/Sound and trusted worldwide. *Recurring http://mmelite.hostthenprofit.com


-Traffic Exchanges/Safelists/Other Programs *Recurring

And that’s just the beginning!

Nick Allard and I plan to introduce more and more quality content, how to guides, and other resources for your support. You need to prepare for the upward rollercoaster ahead! Immediately begin notifying your list and social media resources of the upcoming BOOM in marketing.

You’re going to appreciate what we have to offer, because it’s going to help you like no other program can.

Getting you ready for success and happiness,

John Weberg/Nick Allard

5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing

Everyone is always looking to advance their knowledge and gain the upper hand in the marketing world.

And I’m here to give you a little slice, of the knowledge and successful marketing pie!

Here are a few ways you can improve your marketing indefinitely and drastically….


Get your butt off the couch and start marketing!

In order to become a truly successful, you have to give up a few comforts.

You don’t just succeed overnight, it takes time, and EFFORT my friend.

2. Start Giving It Your All.

You might consider yourself a good and active marketer, but we want you to be come a GREAT marketer.

No more of this, “I kinda want it” bullcrap. You have to either give it your all, or stop marketing.

Your choice.

3. Think About The Possibilities.

You have the possibility of becoming a MILLIONARE. Those people you see on TV all the time, you could be just like them! (Minus all of the bad stuff) You’ll be able to pay your bills and RELAX, never having to worry about where and when your money is coming in, and you’ll be less stressed. Think of what you might be able to obtain.


People who quit, never get to see the possible outcome of the endeavor they left.

If you quit marketing, you will never know if you possibly could have became a multi-millionare.

Keep going my friend, and the possibilities are ENDLESS! (Literally)

5. Join A Great Program.

Make sure the program that you are marketing, is reliable, quality filled, and that you will make money from it.

Search online for reviews of the program. And investigate for yourself, if it will help you obtain your goals.

+Bonus Tip:

Have fun! Marketing is some serious stuff, and can stress people out. Take a deep breathe, relax, and start marketing! Make a game out of it, whatever floats your boat! Just don’t worry to much, it’ll stress you out, and make life more difficult.

Wishing you all of the fun and happiness in the world,

Johnathan Weberg

Nick Allard


We’re Gonna Earn MASSIVELY Together!

With the new Marketing Mastery system, we’re going to raise your income to another level!

Marketing Mastery is…


-Easiar to use

-Will generate a residual ongoing income for you

-Is going to raise your income to a whole new level!
We’re going to build your GVO downline, 4CornersAlliance downline, and get you back end sales through Marketing Mastery itself!

You need to get yourself ready IMMEDIATELY!

You can join ahead time through 4CornersAlliance and GVO through these links.


Enjoy my friends! Have a wonderful day!

With my warmest regards,

John Weberg

Throwing in the towel is no longer an option!

I’m here to tell you today….that throwing in the towel is no longer an option!

You AREN’T allowed to quit anymore!

Who says so??? Me:)

Why am I telling you this??Because I want to help you!

Quitting is one of the most foolish thing you can do in marketing and in life…

Because if you quit…You will NEVER, find out what could have happend, if you would have gone just ONE STEP FARTHER!

So let’s keep going my friend!

I want you to succeed, and I’ll help you succeed, but you need to give me that initial push!

Here’s what you need to do immediately if you haven’t already.

First, you need to join FourCornersAlliance.

Join through this link now: http://marketingmasteryelite.com/4corners.html

Once you have done that, add me on skype, or email me, and we’ll get you blasting off toward happiness and success!

Email: marketingmasteryelite@gmail.com

Skype: jonnywebes

Waiting eagerly for your response,

Johnathan Weberg

As you all know….I’m currently participating in my own, Brand New 2016 Mustang Challenge. And it’s going great!

I would like to give a shout out to the program that’s making it all finally come together!

Four Corners Alliance!


The results I’m getting, have been better then any other program that I’ve ever promoted. PLUS, the commission and payout structure is absolutely INSANE! (The best compensation plan that you’ve seen so far, 4X. )

If you haven’t joined Four Corners yet, then you may or may not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

It’s literally the easiest one-time $18 that I’ve EVER spent.

And from what I’ve made from it……the smartest….

Hurry up and get in!


I’m NEVER going to give up! Can you say the same?

I’m NEVER going to give up! Can you say the same?

This business can be the most difficult to get into, the most burdensome to begin, and the
most arduous professional available.

Some people become successful like a flash flood, while others it may takes years.

But always, there is one quality, one invaluable quality, that divides us into two.

Quitters, and people who stay consistent no mattter what.

Depending on which of these people you are, will define whether or not you succeed not just in marketing,

but in life…

For those of you who are willing to put in a little effort, and a little time, I want to help you.

And, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you.

First I’m going to supply you with and autoresponder in which you need in any circumstance in order to succeed online.


Once you have joined GVO through the link above. You need the correct program to market in order to earn an income.

This program is a one-time fee of 18$, image that you’re buying a pizza, except that pizza could multiply your income. That’s FourCornersAlliance for you.


Finally, you need a way to advertise your squeeze and lead pages.


TopHits4U is an easy traffic exchange, that is a brilliant and great way to generate a quick bout of traffic.

You literally could generate a sustainable income with those 3 programs above, and never need to work a job again in your life.

Just saying…..

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way!

Whether you are poor, rich, middle-class, a gentlemen, a women, have long hair, or like pizza, does not determine your life path!

It’s all on YOUR WILL!

You will and create your own life story, and how you create it, is your choice.

Some people go about their lives negatively, and get a negativity filled life path. Some take the latter.

No matter your situation in life, remember that YOU HAVE CONTROL!

And speaking of taking control, I plan to take control of a brand new 2016 Mustang in about 58 days!:)

Did I mention that I’m only 16??:)

There are two reasons that I have set this goal for myself.

1. I really want a 2016 Mustang.

2. I want to PROVE TO YOU, and EVERYONE ELSE, that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how rich you CURRENTLY are, or what other people think.

You can do, ANYTHING, that you want.

All it takes, is YOUR OWN WILL, which will create your OWN WAY.

P.S. If you are participating in my 2016 Mustang Challenge.

Here are some successful programs that you can use to generate money for the challenge.




Wishing you a successful, healthful, and happy life,

Johnathan Weberg

Do you want a brand new 2016 Mustang? How about by May 23rd?

Marketing Mastery is SOON TO BE “BACK”!

It has been running smoothly and as efficiently as normal over the past 4 months, but we haven’t made any big changes, announcements, updates, etc.

Well, that’s all about to change! (Along with my new challenge for you all:))

Let’s start with the big update for Marketing Mastery!

We are completely redoing the homepage, changing the training, and simplifying everything!

It’s going to be easy to use, easy on the eyes, and easy to make money with it. 😉


Alert: You are going to want to prepare your list for Marketing Mastery’s Launch. It’s going to be released very soon, I shall announce when in the upcoming days.


Now for the new challenge that I have in store for you!

The 2016 Mustang Challenge.


When I was even younger than I am now, (16), I always LOVED the look, and aspects of a mustang. (The car:)

I love how built the body of the car is, and appreciate it for it’s power.

And, building upon the hope and dream of owning one myself.
I now am deciding to innitiate this challenge to you, to everyone you know, and to myself.

Here are the rules of the challenge.

You must have a 2016 Mustang by May 23.

You must obtain this Mustang through your online income only.

That’s it! Goodluck!

Get ready….get set….go!


*If you have need of successful marketing programs to promote in order to accomplish this challenge.

Here are some of which you may wish to advertise.





Let’s begin a new book! Starting with the page about YOU BUYING a brand new, 2016 Mustang.

Yours Truly,

Johnathan Weberg


You Only Have 1 Life, Make It Count!

You are made up of, consist of, and are the equal to, everything that you have ever done, and every choice that you have ever made.

In other words, where you are right now, is because of YOUR CHOICES.

People constantly blame the economy, their jobs, their wives, their husbands, their wage, their kids, their situation, their drama, yada, yada, yada, the list goes on!

The one thing that 99% of people NEVER seem to blame, is THEMSELVES!

When YOURSELF is the person controlling your entire life situation!

If it was something to do with what other people made, or with how poor you currently are, how did “The Rock” go from having only a few dollars in his pocket, to becoming one of the most successful and fittest people to ever live?!

YOU have to make the damned choice!

Take control of your life, or it will take control of you!




John Weberg

Skype: jonnywebes

Do You Even Want To Succeed? Or, Are You Just Lazy?

Do You Even Want To Succeed? Or, Are You Just Lazy?
I can’t believe half of you!

I’m giving you one of the greatest opportunities that you are ever going to find online,

that could EASILY skyrocket your income in only a month, two tops.

I mean REALLY?!


This program ^ by ITSELF has changed HUNDRED”S OF THOUSANDS of peoples LIVES!

Don’t believe me? I dare you to look up “people who have succeeded with fourcornersalliancegroup” and see what pops up.

And again?!


Is one of the leading programs out there right now that REALLY teaches you how to become successful online.

Don’t you want to be successful online?

I know that I do….

Well, fortunately for you it’s NOT TO LATE.


You heard me.

With my warmest regards,

John Weberg

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