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Let’s bury, “I can’t, I won’t, and It’s impossible”

Stop whining! I’m sick of hearing people’s excuses of why they think that they “can’t or won’t” do something. Or the false and inaccurate idea that they give me saying it’s “impossible”!

We’re going to use Marketing Mastery as an example of how someone can accomplish the so called impossible…

But first, let’s give you some examples of people who have exceeded beyond all odds…

Our first example is Eminem….


Here’s some facts about Eminem…

1. Estimated net worth is between 100-200 MILLION bucks.

2. He has had 6 number one albums.

3. He grew up in complete poverty, was raised by a single drug-abusing parent, was bullied and beat-up while he as a child,

was discriminated against, and the facts in the image also show his struggles…

Now, if you were living with Eminem, 30 years ago. You would have said it was IMpossible that he would even become a 100th of what he is now!

Many of us go through less then he has, and accomplish much less!

I wonder what would have happened to Eminem if he would have said, “I can’t make a great album. I won’t make a great album. Or, it’s impossible to make a great album.”


Next up for a final example…Abraham Lincoln


How many people do you know that could go through 8 elections, fail every single time, and then come back in an 9th election?!

Known as one of the more notorious and impressive presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln moved past many horrors to

become what he was known as today.

I wonder what life would be like today, if Abraham Lincoln would have said, “I can’t try for office again. I won’t try for office again. Or it’s impossible to try for office again.”


The whole point of this message, is to prove to YOU, that nothing is impossible. As long as you choose your dream, make a plan to achieve it, and then every single day with all of your passion, you commit to making actions that will bring you closer to that dream.

Now, many of you are struggling right now. You’re having a hard time producing a large enough income, and right now you’re thinking, it’s IMpossible! There’s no way I can get what I want!? Or is there??

Let’s bury, I can’t, I won’t, and It’s impossible.


This is where Marketing Mastery comes in. Our members have been not just liking and loving our system, but seeing actual results!

People who have never seen a referral in their entire marketing career are finally seeing referrals!

People who have never seen commissions are seeing commissions! It’s like FINALLY! They’ve found a system that works.


We offer this system to YOU. You’ve so far learned that the IMpossible is really possible. Just look at the word closely…

IMpossible. IM-possible. I’M possible. I Am Possible. 🙂 That’s my way of looking at it!:)


It highly believed that you can actually earn a substantial income from building your list from Marketing Mastery. (MME).

You simple have to join, follow the system, advertise your squeeze pages, and then watch the results come flying in like a pack of headless monkeys!:)

Find out your potential here: http://vitalviralpro.com/mr/5729


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Hunger For Success

A large percentage of people, don’t understand why they aren’t successful. They have a great program, they know what they need to do, but something isn’t quite ticking. Something isn’t right. Most of the time, it’s a lack of hunger.

Most people don’t really want to succeed. They just, “kind of want it.” They don’t have the right attitude. YOU…need to have the want to succeed…as much as you want to BREATHE. This is when you will become successful.

Tell me, what do you do with most of your time?

Are you busy watching tv? Playing games? Eating? Just sitting around? Something similar to what is listed? a.k.a. Being lazy. Most people(this may include you) don’t want to succeed, as much as they want to watch tv or eat. They say that they are really pumped and ready for success, but they don’t mean it, because they are doing something else other than advancing their knowledge or developing themselves.

You need to start training yourself, to have a HUNGER! Have a need to make an income! Have a need to start advertising this program! Make it your priority to strive for something more than average! Begin training your mind. Decide what your goals are. How you’re going achieve them. AND GO AFTER YOUR DREAM! Go after whatever you want to do, with a passion!

“Aspire for progress, hunger for success, and strive for greatness.”

-Jon Weberg

You need your hunger to DRIVE YOU TO SUCCESS! You need to be so motivated, that nothing anyone can say or do will effect you. No matter what others say, you keep going. Keep the fire burning for success, feed it with motivation and inspiration.

If no one will believe in you, you have to believe in YOURSELF! Stop, kind of wanting success, and start wanting success so much that you can’t stop thinking about it.

How do you develop this hunger? By figuring out why you are doing this. Figure out why you are trying to obtain success.

Whether you are trying to become out of debt, are striving for something more in life, have a desire to go on vacation, you want to quit your job, or something related.

Use this WHY, to drive you. Why are you striving? Because your life depends on it. Failure is not an option, success is your only path.

If you have to, remind yourself every day why you are on this path. Why you are reaching past mediocre, and into a successful life. You’re doing this for your family/yourself/to make extra money/pay bills/get out of debt/go on vacation/etc.

Build upon this dream everyday, adding to it. Build an image in your mind of what you want. Keep it in front of you at ALL TIMES.

“What the mind can concieve, and believe, it can achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill

The Will to Win

by Berton Braley

“If you want a thing bad enough

To go out and fight for it,

Work day and night for it,

Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it,

If only desire of it

Makes you quite mad enough

Never to tire of it,

Makes you hold all other things tawdry and cheap for it,

If life seems all empty and useless without it

And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,

If gladly you’ll sweat for it,

Fret for it,

Plan for it,

Lose all your terror of God or man for it,

If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want

With all your capacity,

Strength, and sagacity,

Faith, hope, and confidence, stern pertinacity,

If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,

Nor sickness nor pain

Of body and brain

Can turn you away from the thing that you want,

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,

You’ll get it. “

This is what we’re hungering to build. http://vitalviralpro.com/mr/5729

With our warmest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

We’re going to build a WEALTHY team!

Our ultimate goal is to help our TEAM, to become a successful group of happy, motivated, and wealthy people.

We are going to build outwards, and inwards! By building the growth of our TEAM, and by building ourselves.

What I mean by that, is we’re going to not just build our income, but our minds.


Our healthy team is going to grow exponentially, and we’re going to help every single person we can.
With FourCorners, GVO, and CashAdStream, we’re going to become truly wealthy.

Our TEAM will no longer need to work a J.O.B. (No longer being Just.Over.Broke) We’re going to live the Dot Com Lifestyle!

No more working to support someone else’s dream, just working on OUR own!


I want YOU to be apart of this team! You don’t have to grow your business alone, WE can help you!

Join Marketing Mastery here, and start building with us. http://vitalviralpro.com/mr/5728


Most importantly, remember that I’m not trying to give you a sales pitch here. I’m trying to give you an opportunity. You just have to take it my friend.
With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard


It’s ALMOST Time To Launch!

I’m so excited! Marketing Mastery is looking absolutely AMAZING! Once you see it, you’re going to be completely blown away!


It look so much different than before! But, the program is simpler, easiar to use, and much more profitable! There are fewer steps, improved training, and a traffic co-op!

Fortunately, we also are going to further introduce multiple traffic streams available for you.


The plans for MM that Nick Allard and myself have, are endless. We brainstormed many ideas, and believe that this truly is going to become one of the greatest marketing programs ever made. It’s stupid-simple, lucrative, and dumb-easy to use!



We have been building support and approval for the past few months, and the launch is going to generate thousands!

Get yourself ready, your list ready, and everyone you know ready!

P.S. There’s going to be some very lucrative rewards for people who promote MME…



Awaiting for Marketing Mastery’s great return,

Johnathan Weberg & Nick Allard

The truth? It’s not going to be easy…

I’m not going to give you some hype pitch today, and I’m not going to lie to you.

Starting your own business, and becoming an online marketer, can be one of the most difficult things that you have ever tried to accomplish. It’s going to take countless hours! It’s going to be HARD! It’s going to take STRENUOUS EFFORT!

You JUST have to realize, that once you go through all of the hardships…

you’re going to receive more than what you put in… You’re hours of hard-work, ARE GOING TO PAY OFF!

All you have to do, is to get past the pain….Then you can have the gold at the end of the rainbow:)….

Now, you make the choice in whether or not you do this alone…..

Make your decision…. Either you can do it alone…or go to someone else to help teach you how to become a master marketer…like myself…

It’s your decision my friend, have a wonderful day.

Skype: jonnywebes Email: marketingmasteryelite@gmail.com Guide: http://www.marketingmasteryelite.com/4corners.html

Bring Yourself From Rags-To-Riches, By Simply Watching This Video!

This unmatchable compensation plan is going to absolutely blow your mind! Seriously!

Thousands of other people have literally altered their lives because of how easy and simple it is to follow.

There’s no other program that you can compare this to, it’s one of the most brilliant ideas that has come to

online marketing. And I know for a FACT, that once you watch this video, you will be astounded at how much quality there really is.

I’ve only been a member of it for less than 2 months, and have made more using this then all of the other programs that I have been in, COMBINED!

You don’t want to miss out on this.

Click here to watch this breath-taking video- http://marketingmasteryelite.com/4corners1.html

With my warmest regards,

John Webeg

What Do You Really Want?

I’m not talking about what you tell people so that you’re not embarrassed, I’m not talking about the dreams that you have made to fit society’s demand for mediocrity, I want to know the real thing that you desire most out of this life.

Why would I want to know such a thing??

Because I want you to finally realize, that whatever you want from this life, you can have.
You hear that? Anything that you want, you can have. Most of you either A) Don’t believe me. Or B) You’re thinking,”Anything? A plane? A house on the hills that cost $45 million dollars? What about a Lamborghini? The love of my life?

To the person who thinks A(I will prove it to you.

To the person who thinks B( All of those things.

Allow me to explain to you, how you can obtain, anything. (And legally to:)

Let’s take a look at how every amazingly successful person has obtained their success, wealth, happiness, and property.

Leslie Brown didn’t grow up wealthy, or even in the middle class. He was born on a linoleum floor in an abandoned building. Les Brown was declared “educably mentally retarded” while in grade school. He grew up in a poor section of Miami, Florida. Les was raised by a single 38 year old mom, who had adopted him.

He is now, one of the most influential motivational speakers in the world. Les lives happily and has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. These are only a tiny stitch, in his blanket of achievements.

Leslie Brown grew to obtain all of this fame and fortune, through nonstop work, dedication, and effort. He ran for office, worked for a radio station, and held many other jobs to become what he is today.

Being born in an abandoned building, poor, and declared “educably mentally retarded”, he changed the world.

Oprah Winfrey is a television star and is worth $2.9 billion, but her days in the spotlight could have been a distant dream.

She was fired from her first Baltimore acting job, facing sexism and harassment. She could have quit then, but she didn’t.

She continued along a similar business path..and became who she is today.

John Paul DeJoria, Jay-Z, Sheldon Adelson, and Steve Jobs, all grew up poor. But, somehow, every one of them turned moneyless pockets, into overflowing pockets.

You now should understand. That it’s possible. You can become a millionaire, as long as you are willing to work for it.

So….What do you really want??





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