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My final realization…there are no breaks. (Unfortunately)

This is an issue that even I failed to realize untill now…

It took me a few years, but I think that I finally understand it.

First let’s start off with this..Have you ever heard the saying, “Life goes on” ???

Well, in this circumstance we are using it in another way.

While you’re away from your computer…. Life goes on!

What’s this mean?? Let me explain…

While you are watching tv, eating dinner, working outside, at your job, going on a walk, anything other than an activity that grows your business and list….Life goes on. The internet goes on. People aren’t seeing your pages, you’re reaching less people, therefore making less money, and then leading to the inevitable….

Leaving your upset and angry at why your business isn’t succeeding as well as it should be.
I have felt this way before and stilll do. I do tons of work, get some great results, then I make the false assumption that I can take a little break just for a moment…NOPE!

One of the most defining characteristics of successful people and prospering business’s…is their abilitiy to never stop growing. And to never take any breaks…Or to minimize the breaks to an absolute minimum…

Get going now my friend, because there are no breaks!

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Consistency is the key in filling your pipeline!

“Some people spend all of there time getting ready instead of getting going .While others are out there telling there story how they got started and what their opportunity is about the other ones are still at home putting together plans and studying the marketing plan

Having a good plan to follow and being knowledgeable about your business is important but there is no substitute for  productivity.

Its easy to mistake motion for progress. Its easy to fake yourself out by staying busy all day long. The problem is  – busy doing what ??

There are a few questions you can ask yourself ON A DAILY BASIS WHERE’S THE PRODUCTION TODAY?

How many sales did you make today ? How many new people did you get in Marketing Mastery?

How many people did you seriously talk to about your business TODAY?

It is not important how many people you talked to over the past week or month. What is important is what you did TODAY is going to determine your income next week next month, and next year.

You can LIE to other people about what you have been up to. However you cannot afford to LIE to yourself. You HAVE TO BE HONEST with yourself what you are doing and what you are not doing.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves without even being aware of it when we are just spinning our wheels

I still have to check on myself as we all have life’s distractions”

Chris Elsom’s blog >>>>


The message is….get off your arse and get to work!

And find some work through this!

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Please don’t be like this person…

There are literally millions of you out there right now… that think you can make money online… without spending ANY MONEY…

You believe, that you can simply just go join some program for free, advertise it, make money from the referrals who UPGRADE there(or make some kind of purchase), and profit.

Well I’m sorry to say, that you are completely wrong my friend.

Let’s start off by teaching you how money is earned and exchanged.

Let’s pretend I own a McDonald’s in Minnesota. And I give my burgers away for free. (You joining a free program, going for every free option that you can find)

Who’s made any money so far?? No one. Let’s continue.

Let’s pretend that you want to become a McDonald’s affiliate, and sell your own burgers. (Remember that they’re free!) You will earn 50% in commissions. While I make the other 50%

You go out and sell 150 burgers!(Have 150 affiliates join underneath you) All of which were free! So you make 50% of $0.00 ! 50% X 0 = $0.00! It’s simple math!

Who has made any money so far???

NO ONE! Do you see the insanity? You can’t make money online, without spending money online. That’s simply, the fact of how money works. Otherwise if everyone was looking for a free option, all of the business owners in the world, WOULD GO BANKRUPT!

Now that you understand money a little better than you did before. I want to introduce you to 4CornersAlliance. Which cost the miniscule cost of..(Wait for it).. 18$! That’s right, it costs the same price of a pizza!

(If you can’t afford to join this program, please go and get yourself another job.)

This program has the best compensation plan that I have EVER seen in my years of experience marketing online. Especially for the tiny price to join!

I guarantee you, if you do it right, you can join and make money from this program TODAY.

All you have to do, is to first watch the video on this page here to see the compensation plan.

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Please don’t be like this person….