I lost in 500 Rummy! But, did I win anything?

Last night it was my dad’s, Richard Weberg’s,
He’s now the young age of 45!
While celebrating his birthday we ended up playing
a card game called
500 Rummy. However in the end, my dad and I ended
up being tied for last place
while my brother and step-mom where in 1st and

I was of course disappointed that I was tied for
last, but there’s a few things that I took out of
Which means I won in a couple other ways.
1. I learned how to play 500 Rummy, because I had
forgotten how.
2. I enjoyed and felt great playing the game, and
was even happy afterwards even though I lost.
3. I played well, and made some progress, I won!:)

Now when you are marketing, you have to think
about your challenges and losses in the same way,
my friend.
For an example, you’ve set your goal at making
$250 this month in marketing alone.
However, you find that you’ve only make $124.
There’s no reason you should ever take that as a
1. You still made more money, than if you wouldn’t
have made the goal.
2. You made progress, and learned what to do
3. You probably feel really good making an
additional $124.

You win my friend!

How can you use this now?
Well, there is a contest going on that’s giving
away $1000 at Marketing Mastery.
Even if you don’t get the big prize, there’s TONS
of others that will give you additional cash flow!
And that’s not even including the money you’ll
make from just promoting MME in the first place!
You’re going to feel great and be so happy you’ve
made the decision to promote MME!
I can’t wait to give you that $500 my friend!:)

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With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Nick Allard

I’m going to stir the pot..but you’re going to appreciate the stew!

It might not make sense now…but it’s going to
very soon.. Keep reading.

This “pot of stew” is you. And I’m about to stir
up some feelings. Now understand that I’m only
doing this, because I want to help you.
If you saw my video that I did yesterday you may
have gotten a sneak peak of what I mean.
I’ve made an entire video today just dedicated to
stir your pot of stew.

This video will help you truly realize what you’ve
got on your hands friend.
Watch it now and see what’s stopping you from


We want to see you have the best results possible
my friend.
Simply continue following the system if you
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Then send as much traffic as you can to your
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You will then start seeing the results you are
looking for my friend.

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Nick Allard

Here are some tips,tricks, and advice for you!

I hope your day is going great and that your opt-ins are increasing steadily!

Today I have a few tips/tricks/advice/ etc I felt like sharing with you guys.


First on the agenda, that pesky SP@M score you might be seeing when you send out messages in GVO.

You should be ignoring that score. GVO is using a new software that is in beta right now, concerning that.
So, no matter what your score is, continue to send out the message as you should.


Second on the agenda, our traffic packages.

I would like to let you know that I’m driving traffic at the fastest possible rate that I can. I’m busting my @ss off for you guys. (The smart people who have purchased our traffic packages.)

Some results may appear slow right now, due to use just coming out of the summer slump. But, believe me, things are about to drastically pick up my friends.


Third on the agenda, members own advertising efforts.
I’m just going to advise you guys, that whether or not you have a traffic package with us, should not deter you from sending your own hits to your squeeze pages.

NO MATTER WHAT, send hits to your own squeeze pages, as much as you can.


Fourth on the agenda, good job guys! Keep up the good work and keep on plugging along, the results are showing my friends!

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With our kindest regards,
John Weberg & Nick Allard

Lesson of the day…Keep your head up!

This is another idea that I feel many people tend to never pay attention to, and discontinue from ever using if they do use it once or twice.
The idea…that you should always try to keep your head up! And be positive.

There’s a big difference between not just the attitudes of positive and negative people, but also between the results they see in any part of life.

Whether it’s in marketing, boxing, an office job, a relationship, or any other committment that you can think of.

Historically it has served, that the people who think postively, aren’t just happier but more successful. Why can this be??

Let’s look at an example….

Two kids are in school, everything is exactly the same about them except their outlook at life.
One kid, let’s call negative Ned. And the other we shall call, positive Paul.

Ned, think’s his grades are going to go down this year. He think’s that he’s going to do terrible at school and that he’s going to get bullied and picked on.

Paul, believes that he is going to do great in school. He think’s that he’s going to get wonderful grades and that he’s going to make lots of friends.

Now, how do you think Ned is going to act when he goes to school??
Most likely, he’s not going to talk a lot to prevent people from picking on him. His bad attitude about school will likely affect his grades, and since he think’s he’s going to do bad, he won’t try as hard. He get’s a C average at the end of the year.

How do you think Paul will act when he goes to school???
Well he thinks he’s going to do great so he’ll probably try harder. He will be talkative and make friends because he’s thinking about making friends. And lastly, he’ll do better overall because he will try to do better acts to become better.
Observe the above situation…The only difference between the two in everything that happened….Was only 2 things…

1. There attitude. One negative. One positive.

2. There ACTIONS! One did positive actions, because he was striving to make postive results. One did negative actions, because he was doing and focusing on negative results!

See! It’s all in your head! Now, how are you going to think from now on???

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg & Nick Allard

Our Done For You Traffic Can’t Be Compared To Anything Else

We’ve built this system to be the easiest,
simplest, and most profiting system to be ever be

Our goal, so far we’ve achieved it, is to produce
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minimal cost.

Before I contine though, I want to make sure that
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Knowing that you have joined in both GVO and
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If you have any discrepancies, or have a question
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Our support email:

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In short hand, here’s what you need to do.

1. Make sure you are joined in GVO,
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John Weberg & Nick Allard

You want quantity and quality!

There’s always the debate of quantity over quality, and I think that’s ridiculous! You should be able to have both!

In the traffic sense, you want quality traffic, and a LARGE quantity of it!

That’s why when I’m driving traffic to the squeeze pages and splash pages of the members who have obtained our traffic packages,

I only find the best sources of traffic to use, and I grab as much of that traffic as possible!


Everyday, I try to find new sources, and continually use my own time and effort to drive hits to those rotators.

People have also been seeing some great results from the packages. And there’s definitely a reason why, their are a lot of hits being delivered, and they are at a substantial quality!


For ever more, we aim to not please our customers or to make them happy….

We aim to AMAZE them!


If you haven’t already..(You must be hiding underneath rock, and or be a sasquatch)…

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With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard


Let’s bury, “I can’t, I won’t, and It’s impossible”

Stop whining! I’m sick of hearing people’s excuses of why they think that they “can’t or won’t” do something. Or the false and inaccurate idea that they give me saying it’s “impossible”!

We’re going to use Marketing Mastery as an example of how someone can accomplish the so called impossible…

But first, let’s give you some examples of people who have exceeded beyond all odds…

Our first example is Eminem….


Here’s some facts about Eminem…

1. Estimated net worth is between 100-200 MILLION bucks.

2. He has had 6 number one albums.

3. He grew up in complete poverty, was raised by a single drug-abusing parent, was bullied and beat-up while he as a child,

was discriminated against, and the facts in the image also show his struggles…

Now, if you were living with Eminem, 30 years ago. You would have said it was IMpossible that he would even become a 100th of what he is now!

Many of us go through less then he has, and accomplish much less!

I wonder what would have happened to Eminem if he would have said, “I can’t make a great album. I won’t make a great album. Or, it’s impossible to make a great album.”


Next up for a final example…Abraham Lincoln


How many people do you know that could go through 8 elections, fail every single time, and then come back in an 9th election?!

Known as one of the more notorious and impressive presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln moved past many horrors to

become what he was known as today.

I wonder what life would be like today, if Abraham Lincoln would have said, “I can’t try for office again. I won’t try for office again. Or it’s impossible to try for office again.”


The whole point of this message, is to prove to YOU, that nothing is impossible. As long as you choose your dream, make a plan to achieve it, and then every single day with all of your passion, you commit to making actions that will bring you closer to that dream.

Now, many of you are struggling right now. You’re having a hard time producing a large enough income, and right now you’re thinking, it’s IMpossible! There’s no way I can get what I want!? Or is there??

Let’s bury, I can’t, I won’t, and It’s impossible.


This is where Marketing Mastery comes in. Our members have been not just liking and loving our system, but seeing actual results!

People who have never seen a referral in their entire marketing career are finally seeing referrals!

People who have never seen commissions are seeing commissions! It’s like FINALLY! They’ve found a system that works.


We offer this system to YOU. You’ve so far learned that the IMpossible is really possible. Just look at the word closely…

IMpossible. IM-possible. I’M possible. I Am Possible. 🙂 That’s my way of looking at it!:)


It highly believed that you can actually earn a substantial income from building your list from Marketing Mastery. (MME).

You simple have to join, follow the system, advertise your squeeze pages, and then watch the results come flying in like a pack of headless monkeys!:)

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With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

The Full Formula To Fulfilling Success

I’m not telling you that you have to go out and do
this, I’m just giving you a formula for obtaining
what you want, that I have used over the past
years and have been successful with….

First things first… You need a goal to reach.
Whether it’s obtaining $10,000 of extra income,
becoming a fitness model, or getting yourself 200
referrals into Marketing Mastery….

Example: I will become in shape, and become fit.

Next, you need a date set that you will accomplish
this goal by. This will ensure that you complete
this goal in a normal time.

Otherwise you could set getting 200 referrals into
Marketing Mastery, over the course of 3 years. And
we all know that you can do better than that.

Example: I will become extremely fit. Within 30

Once you have chosen the dream or goal that you
want to reach, and the time, you need to make a

This plan is going to consist of, how you are
going to go about accomplishing this dream or

Example: My dream is to become fit. I will do this
in 30 days. I will become fit by running every

Finally, we have the hardest part of this equation
that 90% of people fail to do. Actually putting
the plan into action!

They don’t ACT!!! This is the part of the formula,
where to do the specified task that you choose in
order to obtain your goal.
And you don’t just do this task one time. Or a
couple times.

You need to take the necessary
actions, that you decided you would make in your
plan, EVERY SINGLE DAY! And you’re not going to
kinda do them, you’re going to perform them to the
best of your ability!

And you keep on consistently every single day,
performing the necessary tasks in your plan,
non-stop until you accomplish your goal!

This will make your success rate increase
exponentially! And you’ll love seeing the results!
It’ll make you happy!

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Now I’ve also came up with an idea that I think
would truly show how well Marketing Mastery helps
its members accomplish, claim, and keep, their own
dreams and goals…

What if we all participated in a program wide
goal? What if we had a certain number of referrals
we wanted to enlist, a date to have that many
referrals by, a plan to obtain those referrals,
and acted on that plan each and every day with all
of our might??


Let’s take a crack’at’it and see what happens!

Now I’m going to list my own custom goal, I would
highly recommend that you try obtaining this goal
too, but if you feel it’s to much, feel free to
lower the number of referrals down to what you’re
comfortable with.

Goal: Have 50 more referrals in Marketing Mastery

Finish Date: 09/10/15. (September 10th, 2015)

Plan: I’m going to advertise my MME squeeze pages
to my safe-lists, traffic exchanges, personal
list, through solo-ads, funnel clicks, and other
various sources.

Act: I’m doing right now! And will continue to do
so every day!

Start with me by clicking here! http://vitalviralpro.com/mr/5728

Let’s have fun with this too! If you don’t reach
your goal, that’s fine, you still made some
awesome progress in building your business.

With our warmest regards and best of luck,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

If you aren’t succeeding..this is the only reason why.

People will often give excuses in why they aren’t
able to have what they want.

They don’t have the right job…they have
kids…they work to much…they are to busy…

And any other bull spit that they can think of.

Only the people who don’t give excuses, who just
give it their all every single day, non stop every

Get what they want…..

There it is! I just gave you the most basic key to
any type of success that you want!

Didn’t catch it?? I’ll rephrase it, JUST for

Whether you want to write a book, become a
mastermarketer, earn a generous income, or build a

Whatever you want in life…if you just go after
it with everything you have, every single day
until you obtain it… that thing/idea/etc…will
be yours!

It’s as brain-dead simple as that!

Whatever you’re doing right now, I want you to do
it to the best of your ability!

“Aspire for progress, hunger for success, and
strive for greatness.” -Jon Weberg

Login here and get going:


With our warmest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Take MASSIVE action now!

You have to know that you’re not going to have
your business built for you??? You have to know that it’s going to
take time and effort???
That’s right, you’re going to have to work for it
my friend.

And unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot of
time, a lot of work, and
it’s going to be a struggle.

Wouldn’t it be easier for you however if you had
some help??
Wouldn’t it be easier for you to build your
business, with a team
behind you??

We have that! That’s right, here at Marketing
Mastery we help build each other’s
downline! You have to help of our top marketers,
myself, and Nick Allard helping you!
We don’t joke around over here. We want to help
you succeed, even if it means taking
time out of our own schedule to help you.

If you’re looking for a program where you have
support from over an ever-growing
team of 1400+ people behind you, join right this
instant here.

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