You’re not done yet! (If you want this to work)

Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt…

That means…

Sometimes, when you become more and more familiar
with something.
You can appreciate it less.

I know you always appreciate what’s given to you.
In the slight off chance that’s false, or even
My father, Richard Weberg, has done an incredible
video on one of the
biggest income builders you are involved with
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That income builder that has made so many people
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This video can help you learn some of the critical
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and it comes from someone different for the first

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He did a great job, and put a lot of effort into

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You never know how close you might be…right now?

It’s said that only a whopping %5 of people who
attempt to make a profitable business online, ever
do so.
That means that 95% of people will never make it
in this field.
Why is that??

There’s a variety of reasons….
They didn’t have enough money…
They couldn’t drive enough business…
And a few other difficulties often get in people’s

I understand why they’ve quit too, because often I
find myself
struggling with marketing.

However, there is one fundamental reason that only
95% of people
ever make a single cent online….
Wanna know why??
Only those 5% keep going.
Only those 5% decide to NEVER quit until they make

All of the time, (Including myself) we stop short
of the goal line.
Or stop short of finding that buried treasure we
look so hard for.

For those of you who are ready to give it your
all, you will get there.
I can’t say when, or how, but often those who
persist their goals without end.
Find exactly or close to what they’re looking for.

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John Weberg and Nick Allard

I lost in 500 Rummy! But, did I win anything?

Last night it was my dad’s, Richard Weberg’s,
He’s now the young age of 45!
While celebrating his birthday we ended up playing
a card game called
500 Rummy. However in the end, my dad and I ended
up being tied for last place
while my brother and step-mom where in 1st and

I was of course disappointed that I was tied for
last, but there’s a few things that I took out of
Which means I won in a couple other ways.
1. I learned how to play 500 Rummy, because I had
forgotten how.
2. I enjoyed and felt great playing the game, and
was even happy afterwards even though I lost.
3. I played well, and made some progress, I won!:)

Now when you are marketing, you have to think
about your challenges and losses in the same way,
my friend.
For an example, you’ve set your goal at making
$250 this month in marketing alone.
However, you find that you’ve only make $124.
There’s no reason you should ever take that as a
1. You still made more money, than if you wouldn’t
have made the goal.
2. You made progress, and learned what to do
3. You probably feel really good making an
additional $124.

You win my friend!

How can you use this now?
Well, there is a contest going on that’s giving
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You’re going to feel great and be so happy you’ve
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Want to maybe know which tools are the best in your toolbox?

Because your often trying to pound in nails,
usually the tool that you might want to use is the

However, if you’re the type of person who really
wants your boards to stick, you’ll probably like
to use screws and a screw driver instead.

The approach that you might like the most, using a
power drill on screws.

Curious at what I’m trying to get at?
Well, the tools that I’m talking about that you
should probably know of,
are the tools that you use to build your list as
fast as possible.
Would you like to be using all of your tools and
build your list as fast as
a carpenter can put two boards together?

You’re probably wondering about which tools I’m
talking about.
The ones in Marketing Mastery that tons of our
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Now, don’t take my word for it, look at the
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The #1 Reason 95% Of People FAIL Online. PLUS*My personal success story.

Did you know that only 5% of the people who work
online make ANY amount of money?!
It’s a depressing statistic that we’re working to
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I realized yesterday that I forgot the most
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