*Brand New Video, and no more I don’ts!

You have said this before, and it’s not always that bad. But, when you use it as a permanent excuse….
It gets old….really fast.

What am I talking about??

Those pesky I don’t statements! Everyone makes them including me….


I don’t have enough money….(Not entirely true)

I don’t have enough time…(Not entirely true)

I don’t have enough knowledge…(Not entirely true)

I don’t have enough energy….(Not entirely true)

I really can’t except hearing any of these from you. Watch this video to find out why.




I explain in more depth, why you shouldn’t be making these excuses….ever! (Unless you are avoiding going to the in-laws place 🙂

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With our kindest regards,

John Weberg and Nick Allard

This is one of the biggest lessons you will ever learn. (Don’t Ignore This!)

Beginning, and starting a business can be one of
the most stressful, hard-work filled, and
difficult things that you have ever done..

You have to be able to manage income and outcome,
manage your time, how much you give to the
business, what you will put back into it, and so
many other factors…

There is however one thing that many people
ignore, tend to never be taught, and it tends to
lead to the downfall of almost every beginning

They.. (this might be yourself)… are afraid to
spend any mone.y!

“I don’t want to lose it!” “I need it!” “I want to
do this the free way!”

All of those statements are completely
logical….except in business, they’re wrong and

“How’s that Jon??”

Well, let’s imagine that McDonald’s now makes
their burgers for free.

You go to the McDonald’s drive through,”Can I have
fifty-five cheeseburgers please?”

“Sure that’ll be free, please continue to the next

Great for you! You just got fifty-five
cheeseburgers at no cost!

Let’s go check how McDonald’s is faring though…

First off they are at a loss, because they lost 55
burgers, with zero income. So let’s say they are
negative around 100 dolla.rs.

Next, they have to pay their employee’s. All 23 of

See what I’m getting at?!

The lesson that you need to learn, although you
will be afraid to learn it, is…


I know you hold your cashola close to your heart,
under your mattress, and safe in vaults.

But, in order for the very economy to work, you
need to get rid of some of it! Don’t be afraid!

Now, I’m not saying go out and obtain yourself a
gorgeous Lamborginni, I’m saying that in order to
build YOUR business, you need to spend some! Maybe
even more then some!

The only reason I’m telling you this, is because I
finally understood this lesson myself not to long
ago. In order to originally build MME, it cost a
LOT OF MONEY! And at 17 years-old, at the time I
didn’t have that much!

But, I gave some up, and with the help of the
mysterious Nick Allard, and the conversionist
Richard Weberg, built this empire!
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With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

If you don’t invest, your business won’t be the best…

Building a successful business online is one of the biggest and most difficult hurdles that someone can attempt to overcome.

It takes hours upon hours of endless dedication, sweat, tears, and frustration. And everyone’s always looking for the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get to the end of the successful business rainbow.

It’s always great when something that you thought was going to be difficult ends up being simple and easy to do.

It’s even better when you can accomplish a task in minutes if not seconds, and it’s quick as lightning.

But, is it always the best to do things cheaply? Or, even to be so cheap, to be free?

No, it’s not always the case. Especially, when you are trying to build a successful business.

95% of all internet marketers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs, fail to truly invest in their business.

Mostly it’s the failure to give enough effort, time, or not spending enough money.

That’s right, the greatest reason for your failure, is because you aren’t spending enough money on building your business.

Don’t believe me? Think about Newton’s Law, For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction. (What happens when you buy a $10 item at the store? You receive the item, worth the $10.)

You have to start investing in your business immediately if you haven’t already.
If you don’t, your business is going to grow slower, less efficiently, with more difficulty, and with less power.

Whether you spend it on advertising, advancing your knowledge, or something similar. Spending money, DOUBLES your efforts instantly.

Try it, and learn for yourself the true power of money.

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Please don’t be like this person…

There are literally millions of you out there right now… that think you can make money online… without spending ANY MONEY…

You believe, that you can simply just go join some program for free, advertise it, make money from the referrals who UPGRADE there(or make some kind of purchase), and profit.

Well I’m sorry to say, that you are completely wrong my friend.

Let’s start off by teaching you how money is earned and exchanged.

Let’s pretend I own a McDonald’s in Minnesota. And I give my burgers away for free. (You joining a free program, going for every free option that you can find)

Who’s made any money so far?? No one. Let’s continue.

Let’s pretend that you want to become a McDonald’s affiliate, and sell your own burgers. (Remember that they’re free!) You will earn 50% in commissions. While I make the other 50%

You go out and sell 150 burgers!(Have 150 affiliates join underneath you) All of which were free! So you make 50% of $0.00 ! 50% X 0 = $0.00! It’s simple math!

Who has made any money so far???

NO ONE! Do you see the insanity? You can’t make money online, without spending money online. That’s simply, the fact of how money works. Otherwise if everyone was looking for a free option, all of the business owners in the world, WOULD GO BANKRUPT!

Now that you understand money a little better than you did before. I want to introduce you to 4CornersAlliance. Which cost the miniscule cost of..(Wait for it).. 18$! That’s right, it costs the same price of a pizza!

(If you can’t afford to join this program, please go and get yourself another job.)

This program has the best compensation plan that I have EVER seen in my years of experience marketing online. Especially for the tiny price to join!

I guarantee you, if you do it right, you can join and make money from this program TODAY.

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Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.
With my warmest regards,
John Weberg

Skype: jonnywebes

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Please don’t be like this person….