Marketing Mastery Traffic Proof*(Best traffic supplier out there?)

We have came up with a MAJOR critical update so you can see
exactly where all of your quality traffic is coming from! (Live)

(For those of you who have taken the amazing
advantage of the VIP and Basic Traffic Packages)

You are able to see the I.P. address, website they
came from, and even the country
they are from!

If you find yourself deciding to take a look at
your own statistics login first:

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I told you we care, and want you to see the
live proof of our
labors to send you as much traffic as possible
with the VIP and Basic Traffic Packages.

*CRITICAL -If you have already purchased a
traffic package, or just find yourself
feeling like it would be a smart and converting
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You STILL need to be sending traffic to
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Don’t send traffic to your squeeze pages
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Our traffic is to give you a great boost, and to
cover any times you may be gone for a while.
It’s a SMART purchase for anyone interested in
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Your progress is 1000% my #1 concern.

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

Special Notice* Your system has important updates made!

Taking you to the side and letting you in on
the changes we’ve

made to Marketing Mastery
to boost conversion and so you start seeing
more results.

It’s always exciting knowing you’re going to
see more opt-ins and referrals, right???

Take a look, at how we’ve simplified our
and theirs a whole bucket load or two still

We have tons more value headed your way, so
advantage of it and get in on the action like
the rest of us.
I know you can get started, take a look now,
and continue with this rocking system.

Our leaders would definitely agree to.

Here’s your link to take a look now and see
what’s new for you

P.S. Why this is a special notice…
You get a first look at our traffic packages

We’ve made them available and have heavily
up what we already had.

You’re gonna really like what they have to
once you really take a look at it and see
what is there for you.

Nick did a wonderful job creating this
and so did Richard helping
with the simplification process.
Our team is for you!

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg
Nick Allard
Richard Weberg

*EXCITING News! Plus….Would you like to know?

I have a couple of exciting things to tell you
that you’re going to love!
First of all…
It’s almost here…

LAS is about to launch in the next couple days,
and you’re going to want to be ready.
How can you do so??
1. Get your traffic ready to send to your squeeze
2. Prepare your list ahead of time by alerting
them about this program.
3. Mentally prepare yourself for the commissions
you’re going to earn with this program.

We’re going to be releasing some changes involving
Marketing Mastery….
We are going to be offering you some more advanced
training to help improve your marketing
Want to keep and touch and make sure you know
about these changes??
Make sure to check your email every day for a
message from us as well as by logging into
Marketing Mastery every day yourself.

I’m really excited for us my friend!
With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Nick Allard

I lost in 500 Rummy! But, did I win anything?

Last night it was my dad’s, Richard Weberg’s,
He’s now the young age of 45!
While celebrating his birthday we ended up playing
a card game called
500 Rummy. However in the end, my dad and I ended
up being tied for last place
while my brother and step-mom where in 1st and

I was of course disappointed that I was tied for
last, but there’s a few things that I took out of
Which means I won in a couple other ways.
1. I learned how to play 500 Rummy, because I had
forgotten how.
2. I enjoyed and felt great playing the game, and
was even happy afterwards even though I lost.
3. I played well, and made some progress, I won!:)

Now when you are marketing, you have to think
about your challenges and losses in the same way,
my friend.
For an example, you’ve set your goal at making
$250 this month in marketing alone.
However, you find that you’ve only make $124.
There’s no reason you should ever take that as a
1. You still made more money, than if you wouldn’t
have made the goal.
2. You made progress, and learned what to do
3. You probably feel really good making an
additional $124.

You win my friend!

How can you use this now?
Well, there is a contest going on that’s giving
away $1000 at Marketing Mastery.
Even if you don’t get the big prize, there’s TONS
of others that will give you additional cash flow!
And that’s not even including the money you’ll
make from just promoting MME in the first place!
You’re going to feel great and be so happy you’ve
made the decision to promote MME!
I can’t wait to give you that $500 my friend!:)

Go here to immediately get started earning!

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Nick Allard

Want to maybe know which tools are the best in your toolbox?

Because your often trying to pound in nails,
usually the tool that you might want to use is the

However, if you’re the type of person who really
wants your boards to stick, you’ll probably like
to use screws and a screw driver instead.

The approach that you might like the most, using a
power drill on screws.

Curious at what I’m trying to get at?
Well, the tools that I’m talking about that you
should probably know of,
are the tools that you use to build your list as
fast as possible.
Would you like to be using all of your tools and
build your list as fast as
a carpenter can put two boards together?

You’re probably wondering about which tools I’m
talking about.
The ones in Marketing Mastery that tons of our
members have been using to produce sometimes
instant, and residual results with.

Now, don’t take my word for it, look at the
results of each of our top performing members.
All of whom, have seen improved results through
using and referring people to Marketing Mastery.
Sound’s like the tools are pretty sharp, don’t you

If you’re someone who’s looking for the fastest
and easiest way to
start making money with this system, you probably
don’t have to look very far. (This means less
stress for you)
Because inside of Marketing Mastery are all of the
tools that you might need in order
to build your list 4x faster then any other
program can.

Would you like to start using these tools?
You simply should start using Marketing Mastery,
follow the easy-to-use system, and you’ll be on
your way to building the list and income that you
(Less struggle, more results)

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Nick Allard

PROVEN to work! *Members HERE earn thousands!

You’ve heard me right and you’re going to want to
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Have you ever wanted to make more money then you
currently are, a lot FASTER then you currently
If you said yes, then listen here…
This system does the above, PLUS…

1. It builds YOUR list 4X FASTER then any other

2. You are able to earn INSTANT and RESIDUAL
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3. A part of your list, downline, referrals, and
commissions, are built…on autopilot FOR YOU!

Interested in creating a larger income,
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Can I PLEASE Give You $500?

You’re looking for instant results right?
Well I’m going to HAND THEM TO YOU if you keep
How would you like to make $500 instantly to your
+PLUS thousands in other commissions you’ll make.

Marketing Mastery is having a $1000+ referral
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Your Chance For a $500 PAYDAY! ((INFO Inside))

Are you interested yet? Looking for a simple-easy
answer to a BIG payout?
This is IT! *KEEP reading…

When’s the last time that you’ve been paid $500 in
a single day?
Your chance has come at last to achieve this!
Listen up here…
Our friends who’ve built Marketing Mastery, (Jon
Weberg, Nick Allard, Richard Weberg),
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Would you like to know what the best part is?
Not just the top 3 places earn money…ALL of the
top 10 people earn a BIG bonus!
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$1000 referral contest starting February 1st! *Details Inside

You heard me right my friend. It’s finally here!
You’re about to take part in a $1000 buck referral
This contest however is different then any other.
Listen up and you’ll be ready.

1. This contest is based upon the number of people
in your personal downline that purchase
a VIP or Basic Traffic package.

2. A VIP traffic package will be treated as if it
were 2 “points”
The Basic traffic package will be treated as if it
were 1 “point”

3. We wish you the best of luck, and hope you
enjoy earning one of the following prizes!

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $200
3rd Place – $100
4th Place – $50
5th Place – $45
6th Place – $35
7th Place – $25
8th Place – $20
9th Place – $15
10th Place – $10

Get involved here!

This contest will begin on February 1st, and end
on my birthday, April 27th
You’re going to earn a lot of money with this!
With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Nick Allard

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