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With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

I have $200 that’s begging to be yours!;) Seriously though…

You guys are rocking the referral contest!

The results that Marketing Mastery members have been seeing are phenomenal!
For those of you who are participating, keep up the great work!

You can have that $200, $75, or $50, you simply have to be in the top 3 referrers to win!

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WAKE UP right NOW!

It’s taken awhile to hit me but I understand it now!

If it’s to be….it’s up to ME!

It’s time for now just myself to wake up, but you, your list, and everyone else we can get to see the light!

We have to take this online world by storm with Marketing Mastery!
I want to see your pages advertised in every safelist, traffic exchanges, blog, email, social media site, and other possible traffic source out there!
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John Weberg and Nick Allard

BIG UPDATE! New changes, new mojo, and Traffic September!

What a month! Filled with excitement and new incoming members, August was great!

It was a little bit slower do to the time of year, but the results were still coming in as they always do!

Now, we’ve made a few changes in the past month, so pay attention.


First, we altered the home page of MM, once you’ve been logged in.

On the inside there’s now an explanational video to help explain how we operate and how the system works.

Also, we changed up some of the imagery, and text for our other steps in our system.


Next up…We have some new changes coming to MM this month!

One for sure thing is, some more changes to the system to increase conversion!

Myself and Nick have been working on a new home page prototype. Also my father Richard, Nick, and myself, have been brainstorming and coming up with a few other tricks to increase conversion on the inside.


The biggest thing this month that you’re going to love is…..TONS OF TRAFFIC RAINING INTO THE ROTATORS!

If you haven’t obtained one of the traffic packages, then you’re out of luck my friend! (They’re still available, hurry up and get one of them before the increase in price)


This month, I’m RAMPING up traffic to the rotators BIG TIME! And you should definitely notice the difference.

We’re becoming bigger, better, and we’re going to keep it going this way!


Make sure that you have joined in all of the programs in MM, you’ve put in your ideas, you have purchased one of our packages for hits, and that you’re advertising your squeeze pages!

Finally….A big shout-out to our top members this month! Great job guys! ( And girls )

1 Richard Weberg 154
2 George Lambetsos 113
3 Ronald Young 77
4 Mario Salerno 65
5 Ernest West 63
6 Nicholas Allard 48
7 Audrey Sorg 47
8 Debra Caldwell 45
9 Jon Weberg 38
10 Gloria Moore 32
11 Jay Saletra 28
12 Prince Samuels 23
13 Chris Elsom 21
14 Brenda De reus 19
15 Randy Sult 17
16 Silviano Rodriguez 17
17 Graham Snell 15
18 Dan Watson 15
19 Rosemarie Barlowe 15
20 Alexei Zoubov 14

Here’s the link for you to login now!

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Our Done For You Traffic Can’t Be Compared To Anything Else

We’ve built this system to be the easiest,
simplest, and most profiting system to be ever be

Our goal, so far we’ve achieved it, is to produce
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minimal cost.

Before I contine though, I want to make sure that
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Those 3 mega programs are the key to why our
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Now before you read any more of this message,
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And I’m not here to give you some lengthy sales
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First…Our $27Lifetime Package!

Now, you have to understand that this is FOR
LIFE!! Your entire m.arketing career, we will be
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Even if you get only 10 referrals in a year, every
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It’s an absolute steal! The unfortunate problem
is, we soon will run out of this launch only

There are only about 40 of them left at this
little-price. If you don’t grab it before we get
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Here is where we deliver-hits to your url at.


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Now onto our ultimate $97-a month package!

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We also send higher quality, and more traffic to
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Knowing that you have joined in both GVO and
FourCornersAlliance group, you are really ready to
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If you have any discrepancies, or have a question
about our packages, please let us know

Our support email:

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In short hand, here’s what you need to do.

1. Make sure you are joined in GVO,
FourCornersAlliance, and Cashadstream underneath
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2. Take your choice, and choose which
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3. Advertise-your MM squeeze pages and build your

Wishing you the best and with our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Your Daily 3 Steps To Success In 3 Days

I have been marketing online now over 6 years,
and in that time I have learned a few
things..Sometimes I learned the hard way.

My first 5 years were a massive struggle, I was
confused, over whelmed, and did not build my e.mail
marketing list. I knew I was suppose to, but did
not listen when I was given the advice, instead I
wanted to do it my way.. I thought I knew it all
and could do it faster by just sending people to a
sales page or affiliate link first..

Guess what? That did not work, after five years I
had spent thousands and earned a couple hundred
bucks total. There were days I wanted to throw my
computer out the window, or smash it into itty
bitty pieces.

But what I did instead, was made a commitment to
learn the right way to make income online, and I
vowed to my self, that I would never quit, and I
would be successful no matter what!

Once I made those decisions, I started listening
and building my email list, I made more m.oney in
the next 30 days then I did in the prior past 5 years

These are the three steps I started doing day in
and day out, everyday.

1. Driving traffic daily
2. Built my email list with my traffic
3. Followed up by email with my email list daily

The fortune is made in the follow up, if you do
not have a email list, you can not follow up with
anyone…Make sense?

Making m.oney online is actually really simple, all
you need to have is the right process (system) in
place, and implement those three steps daily.

The process (system) consists of:

1. Traffic
2. An Offer (Your Opportunities/Products)
3. Squeeze Pages (opt-in Forms On all your Pages)
4. A Autoresponder (Your Email List Is Here)
5. Conversion (Your Emails You Send To Your List
with your offers)

Every successful marketer I have met online in my
6+ years doing internet marketing, uses the same
basic process, and follows those three steps

On average it takes someone online seeing your
offer 5 to 7 times, before they will buy from you
or join you in a business opportunity.

This is why building your email list is so
critical to your success.

Get instant access here:

With our kindest regards,

The kindling Jon Weberg and the oh so mysterious Nick Allard

The Full Formula To Fulfilling Success

I’m not telling you that you have to go out and do
this, I’m just giving you a formula for obtaining
what you want, that I have used over the past
years and have been successful with….

First things first… You need a goal to reach.
Whether it’s obtaining $10,000 of extra income,
becoming a fitness model, or getting yourself 200
referrals into Marketing Mastery….

Example: I will become in shape, and become fit.

Next, you need a date set that you will accomplish
this goal by. This will ensure that you complete
this goal in a normal time.

Otherwise you could set getting 200 referrals into
Marketing Mastery, over the course of 3 years. And
we all know that you can do better than that.

Example: I will become extremely fit. Within 30

Once you have chosen the dream or goal that you
want to reach, and the time, you need to make a

This plan is going to consist of, how you are
going to go about accomplishing this dream or

Example: My dream is to become fit. I will do this
in 30 days. I will become fit by running every

Finally, we have the hardest part of this equation
that 90% of people fail to do. Actually putting
the plan into action!

They don’t ACT!!! This is the part of the formula,
where to do the specified task that you choose in
order to obtain your goal.
And you don’t just do this task one time. Or a
couple times.

You need to take the necessary
actions, that you decided you would make in your
plan, EVERY SINGLE DAY! And you’re not going to
kinda do them, you’re going to perform them to the
best of your ability!

And you keep on consistently every single day,
performing the necessary tasks in your plan,
non-stop until you accomplish your goal!

This will make your success rate increase
exponentially! And you’ll love seeing the results!
It’ll make you happy!

Get involved with us by clicking here!
Now I’ve also came up with an idea that I think
would truly show how well Marketing Mastery helps
its members accomplish, claim, and keep, their own
dreams and goals…

What if we all participated in a program wide
goal? What if we had a certain number of referrals
we wanted to enlist, a date to have that many
referrals by, a plan to obtain those referrals,
and acted on that plan each and every day with all
of our might??


Let’s take a crack’at’it and see what happens!

Now I’m going to list my own custom goal, I would
highly recommend that you try obtaining this goal
too, but if you feel it’s to much, feel free to
lower the number of referrals down to what you’re
comfortable with.

Goal: Have 50 more referrals in Marketing Mastery

Finish Date: 09/10/15. (September 10th, 2015)

Plan: I’m going to advertise my MME squeeze pages
to my safe-lists, traffic exchanges, personal
list, through solo-ads, funnel clicks, and other
various sources.

Act: I’m doing right now! And will continue to do
so every day!

Start with me by clicking here!

Let’s have fun with this too! If you don’t reach
your goal, that’s fine, you still made some
awesome progress in building your business.

With our warmest regards and best of luck,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

Have you forgotten anything my friend??

We just want to make sure that your system is
setup perfectly, and that you really enjoy what
we’ve given you.

We wanted to know if you’ve joined all of the
programs in Marketing Mastery and if you’ve put in
your I.D.’s correctly?

Hearing the results from our members, we’ve
figured out that those who have joined in
4Corners, GVO, and CAS (our bonus program), have
seen the best results. (These people also put in
their affiliate I.D.’s where they need to go)

Login and double check to see that you’ve…

A) Joined 4Corners, GVO, and CAS.

B) Put in your affiliate I.D.’s for those

C) You’ve followed the system correctly and did
exactly what it said.

Login Here:

Once you have done all of the above. You need to
make sure that you are driving as much traffic to
your Marketing Mastery squeeze pages as possible.
This will ensure that you recieve an ongoing and
good rate of opt-ins, referrals, and sign-ups.

We also want to make sure that you’ve gone to the
highest level you can in CashAdStream. If you
haven’t, you are almost guaranteed to get passed
up. So make that at the top of your to-do list.

Other than that just keep building, and remember
that you also have a team behind you, helping you
build as well. With MME, you always get help.

Login Here:

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg & Nick Allard

It’s On Your Door Step!

It’s so exciting I can’t hold it in! We’re about to LAUNCH! No, not lunch, LAUNCH!

The program is THIS close to being done. Finishing changes are being made, your custom squeeze pages are being tweaked, and it’s all being renewed!


You need to immediately get your list prepared for what’s going to come! We have support from big-time marketers, and I’m going to work my

@$$ off in order to launch this how I want it to!


Fortunately for you, you get a sneak peak! 🙂

Tell your social media followers, your blog followers, and everyone else about us!

Our custom squeeze pages, income multiplying custom built funnel, and easy to use system is going to bring you to SUCCESS! FINALLY!

Wishing you happiness and profits,

Jon Weberg & Nick Allard