Our Marketing Mastery Team

"Aspire for progress, hunger for success, and strive for greatness."-Jon Weberg

John Weberg

Jon Weberg

Founder & Chief Marketer

I'm a motivated, driven, and talented young man who won't settle for average. I'm 18 years old, and have been marketing online for about 8 years. I have struggled through the years , trying my best to create a steady income, and have failed until now. Through Marketing Mastery I have learned how to dedicate myself, and have discovered what it really takes, to become a Marketing Master. We've created something TRULY spectacular, with amazing conversion, results, and progress.

Nick Allard

Nick Allard

CIO and Webmaster

Nick Allard has been in customer service in one way or another for over 11 years. Of those 11 years, five have been spent in a sales capacity and the other in a network engineering position for a company in the hospitality industry. The son of two computer programmers and hands on IT experience for over 26 years Nick brings a vast well of technical knowlege and connections in the industry to Marketing Mastery.

Richard Weberg

Richard Weberg

Chief Conversion Officer

Richard Weberg has been marketing online successfully since 2003, he has built several businesses both online and offline. He has over 20 years of business marketing experience, and knows the conversion process inside and out. We consulted him throughout the process of creating the new version of Marketing Mastery, and are forever in his debt..We could not have done it without him!!