Is making money online suppose to be so complicated?

Absolutely NOT!

With the right system, it is actually extremely simple.

If you have the right process set up, it works for anyone regardless of their experience.

It needs to be affordable for anyone and simple enough to appeal to the masses!

 The process is this.

You send traffic to your squeeze pages (your squeeze pages collects name and email addresses)

Your autoresponder (where the names and email addresses are stored)  then sends follow up emails, and sends your leads to your funnel  (Your affiliate link for the funnel)

Your funnel converts your leads into referrals into your main offers and income opportunities.

You make money!

That's it, your only focus ever is driving traffic to your squeeze pages, this is what you do each day, that's it, extremely simple.

Many programs and so called gurus would like you to think it is way more complicated then that, so they can keep selling you products you do not need.

In reality internet marketing and making money online is extremely simple, once you have the right process set up, your only focus everyday should be to send more and more traffic to your squeeze pages, and build your email list as fast as you can, the more people your autoresponder emails, the more money you will make.

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