The Master Schedule…YOU need to be following!

There are still a few people who are unclear on the key and critical steps that

they need to be taking every day in order to become a successful and

thriving marketer. You’re going to learn that it’s pretty easy, and really doesn’t

take that much time at all.


Step 1:

Send out a broadcast to your list.

Whether you’re asking them for assistence, are offering them a tool to advance their own marketing, or you’re selling them on Marketing Mastery, you NEED to be sending a broadcast to your list every single day.


Step 2:

Drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

Every single day you need to be sending as much traffic to your squeeze pages as you possibly can! Again, this is crucial and without it, your business will fail! So get sending that traffic!


Step 3:

Support Your List:

You need to be answering any questions your list has, and offering them help whenever you can.

It’s important to help promote their growth!


Those are the 3 basic things that you need to be doing!

There’s a few other key notes here and there but those three take the cake for me.


Now get going!

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg and Nick Allard

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