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Sales Mastery

Master the art of sales. Increase prices, close more leads into customers, reduce sales anxiety, & much more.

Lead Generation

Produce thousands of quality leads with both free and paid methods. Quality leads make or break a businesses foundation.

Scaling Mastery

Master the scaling process. Increase production of all metrics generated while reducing all expenditures. It's possible... With us.

Conversion Optimization

Want Your Lead Capture Pages, Funnels, Sales Pages, Ad Copy, and Email Copy To Convert More of Your Audience Into Customers? Here's how.

Content Marketing

Create content that attracts customers, builds your brand, and that supports your businesses future.

Business Strategy

Master the sales psychology that has been responsible for billions of dollars in sales. Your one stop shop for building massive rapport and like, know, and trust with your clients.


Write copy that generates more sales, customers, and loyal followers, across ALL of your marketing.


Build a recognizable brand that attracts customers and leads on autopilot. That also builds like, know, and trust, systematically.

Social Media

Master Social Media in order to build your brand, generate leads, create a massive following, and generate profit.

Product Creation & Management

Learn how to create, manage, and sell - any product or service. From design, to selling architecture, to generating profitable product or service ideas.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the highest converting form of marketing. Learn from industry veterans how to craft better emails.

Profit Hacking

Learn the instant profit hacks that will inject large increases in profitability across your entire business and all metrics.


Learn the most difficult business practice in the world. Master SEO and learn how to attract organic traffic and customers to your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to master the art of affiliate marketing. This fast growing industry is allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to quickly expand their profits.

Customer Management

Build meaningful and supportive relationships with your customers. Develop support strategies that retain customers longer - while also increasing your value and profit generated per customer.

Taxes, Debt, Credit

Learn how to legally reduce your tax burdens, manage & pay off debt, and increase your credit score and total allowable credit.

Human Resources

Learn how to hire business defining talent at affordable salaries that scale your business even after you hire new employees.

Design Mastery

Learn how to design clean, converting, and pleasant imagery & content of all kinds. Your eBooks, funnels, website, banners, and more - will draw in the masses.

Sales Process & Funnel Mastery

Learn how to create, manage, and sell - any product or service. From design, to selling architecture, to generating profitable product or service ideas.

Follow Up

Learn how to follow up from a variety of sources with past, current, and future - leads & customers - to produce additional profits & sales.

Offer Design & Management

Learn how to create a customer generating offer that increases customer acquisition, lifetime value, and retention rates.

An Enjoyable Learning Experience

Easy to follow screen-share videos - guide users through every proven strategy, template, & course we've created.

Cut down your ad costs, double your checkout cart conversions, improve your closing rates, you name it!

24/7 Live Phone Support Included Free

Why CEO's & Businesses Love Working Us

You Will Be Treated Like Family. Because We GENUINELY Obsess Over Your Results

"Jon has made my company well over $1,121,283 in sales and I couldn't be more happy with everything he's done for us. His consulting, website design, and emails, are immaculate. If you're lucky, he'll let you work with him!

- Joel Therien

CEO of NowLifestyle & GVO

Daniel Doan

“Jon is an awesome dude. He’s great at sales, great at helping people increase their profits, and quite frankly – a genuinely good person who really cares and wants to help other people move forward. He helped me visualize and optimize my sales process a ton… He’s a true genius.

- Daniel Doan

Globally Recognized Copywriting Legend

Jon was able to do over $230,245 in sales with us! He's a beast and true master marketer. I feel very lucky that he is a part of our internal circle and I’m looking forward to doing HUGE things together for many years to come!"

- Greg Chambers

CEO of Traffic Authority

"As you're seeing this right now align yourself with Jon. His strategies did $41,523 in sales in only 36 hours for my launch - he's unbelievable. Jon can help you achieve any result you're looking to accomplish."

- Tissa Godavitarne

CEO of 10X Blogger

“Jon is a master at sales, and from my first interaction with him, I knew he was capable of creating an emotional response… Which is what we all want to be able to accomplish in our business with our customers.

He gave me the tools necessary to A) Improve my closing rates. B) Make my sales process convert more… I highly recommend getting on the phone with him, and you’ll see first hand what he can do for your business…”

- Antonio Boccanfuso

CEO of Hoski Media

Antonio Boccanfuso

"With Jon's help we did an additional $37,817 in sales of pure profit! His funnels, websites, and copywriting works - and converts. He'll help you make your business perform at a global level."

- Matthew Neer

CEO of List Leverage

“Jon and I have been connected for over a year now. He’s been an amazing friend to have in business. He’s helped me a ton, especially with email marketing – and crushing it with sales.

If Jon is offering anything like coaching, consulting, courses, masterminds, calls… I would definitely take it. Because he knows his $h!t. And now we’ve scaled to nearly 7 figures."

- Josh Cousins

CEO Of Good Karma Business

Josh Cousins

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Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Do I Have To Pay For Updates?

No! We give constant updates to our software, add new courses and you get it all included with your one time payment. Because Marketing Mastery Elite is on the cloud, when we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account!

Do I have to install anything?

No! We created MME so you wouldn't have to have a whole I.T. department to run your busines. Just login, start clicking, and you can learn everything you need to make your business better, so you can see more results across every aspect of your business.

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the "support" link on the top of any of our pages.

Or email support at: support@marketingmasteryelite.com

Do you offer a solution for solo-preneurs and smaller businesses?

Yes! Absolutely. We have a reduced pricing version of MME that is licensed for a single or duo use. This means that if you own a smaller business, you can still learn and master the same profit producing skills that you NEED to understand in order to scale your business.

Make More Profit Now

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