LinkedIn Mastery

Getting Your Profile Setup

Setting up each part of your LinkedIn Profile as I show you in this video is critical for lead generation & exposure success.

1. Keep a clean, professional, and clear messaging profile geared towards your precise audience you intend to have invest in your products & services in LinkedIn

Connecting & Messaging

Both message and connect with between 35-100 people on LinkedIn who are in your target audience every single day. Make sure to read and learn about them, so you can tailor your messaging towards that particular person.

How & What To Post

Post Daily Content that is…

A) Entertaining

B) Enticing

C) Educating

Content must be copywritten & tailored towards your audience.

Engaging With Others

Engage with between 20 – 50 articles and posts that your connnections have made on LinkedIn, daily.


Leave relevant, thoughtful, and engaging comments in order to draw attention and potential leads to your name, brand, and profile.

Daily LinkedIn Schedule

Maintain & follow this schedule in order to maximize and scale your exposure and lead generation through LinkedIn.

1. Add & Message between 35-100 connections daily.

2. Post 1 time in the morning, and 1 time at night.

3. Interact & comment with 20-50 other content pieces daily.