You know them truly, and you might even love them!

The excuses you give, and myself occasionally as well, that keep us all from reaching our next comma.

They degrade and detract, keeping our revenue, leads, and content to a stand still.

No more however! Because we’re about to dissect and execute these 5 excuses to the hangman.

1. I don’t want to do that.

Yeah, it’s that simple, and straight forward. Often we’re presented with the obvious path to follow,

one that we know will produce results. One that we know works. But we think, “I don’t want to do that.

It’s to hard. It’s to tiresome”.

The issue with thinking in this direction. Is that you’ll be prevented from doing anything worthwhile and result producing.

Because the best results, are on the other end of difficult and tiresome activities.

2. I don’t have the time.

You hear this from your own family and friends. But you know what it is?

An excuse, and cow dung.

Because by this time and day, you know that it’s very practical and easy to actually create time.

By either becoming more efficient in what you do, or by simply deciding not to waste the hours you just might waste

doing non-income producing activities every day.

Create time, stay up late, stop being lazy, and utilize time to the fullest. Your next comma will thank you.

3. I don’t have the knowledge.

So seek it!

Or find out who does, and learn from them!

We often plead ignorance, and it’s ignorant to do so!

In our day and age, there is SO much information. You can literally learn to build a house from youtube.


Don’t know how to do something? Not sure what to charge for a certain product?

Want to know more about the right subject?

Say no more. Go to google and search to your hearts content.

4. Indecisiveness and inaction.

If you want to truly make the change in your life, in your business, in your company, in your


You have to take action, now. Literally right now, and stop read.

Do what you KNOW you must. Do what you KNOW you’re afraid of. And DO, more then you should.

Your next comma will thank you for it.

5. You don’t act out what you learn.

The number of people who attend masterminds and events is incredible.

But the number of people who utilize what they learned from events, is pitiful.

There is hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars worth of knowledge taught at almost every event.

Anywhere you go for an event of any kind, you might take what you learn and make it into a reality for your own

business or company. Immediately. Business is an attention and action game.

Those two things set the people who reach their next comma, and those who don’t, apart.

Make sure you reach yours!

You are now aware of 5 lethal mistakes keeping most businesses and large companies from reaching their next comma.

*Among a PLETHORA of other errors as well.

So make sure you utilize this information, and move forward!

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

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