You’re always being told. “The fortune is in the follow up.
97% of your sales come from the follow up.”

Which both of those statements are true, but how do you follow up?
How do you follow up in a way that customers appreciate, and want
you to more of?

Because following up in the way I’m about to describe, is going to
multiply your sales exponentially. If you do this right, you could possibly reach your next comma.

Step #1. Email follow up, daily. No excuses. Because it’s the highest converting form of
marketing to date.

Facebook messaging? Blogging? Social media marketing?

Still stuck behind. Email marketing, done right, will produce more leads, more customers, and more revenue.

So, you need to email your list daily.

3 days of how to and value, with 4 days of promotion mixed in.

Teach them how to use your product, how it will change their business or life, and walk them through how it works.
Show them testimonials about your service or product, and create sales funnels designed just for showing them
that you’re someone they should know, like, and trust.

Send them free downloads, free pdf’s, and give them some light training you would normally charge for.

Why? It builds know, like and trust, which as you already ready, is responsible for those remaining 97% of sales you’re missing.

Build a real relationship with them. Show them who you are. Show them you’re a professional. Show them you care.

Step #2. Text and call them.

Texting and calling can literally double the value of your leads in a very small amount of time.
It’s instant, show’s your audience you have an actual interest in working with them, and
give you an edge over competition.

Spend the time texting your leads, lead them to a call, convert them on the phone.

(Or have someone on your team be designated to this job)

Master this, and your revenue will make leaps and bounds forward.

Step #3. Message them on social media.

Sneak in those dm’s, why?
People answer them, and you can develop customers very easily this way.

Step #4.
Combine all of these methods, and you’ll start creating a reach and conversion metric you’ve never seen before.

Enjoy, follow up like a real professional, and your results will be extraordinary.

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