You’ve heard, seen, and probably have practiced it a little before. You read catchy, click-bait, subject lines that lead you down a path of shotty paragraphs filled –

with bull. Lies, people who don’t practice what they preach, and honestly… A lot of filler.

Which is why, I’m about to give you actual, and immediately usable information, you can use to truly scale your business forward.

Let’s begin…


  1. You most likely ALREADY have the thousands and millions of dollars sitting in your palms. You just haven’t cultivated the soil.

The soil being your list, social media following, and so on…

Here’s the golden question, that could lead you to creating a LOT more revenue, today…

How much are you following up with and building relationships with, the people who interact with your social media following?

Every single person that likes, comments, share, loves, or make some kind of interaction with each and every single piece of media that you produce, is a possible client. Most, as in 99% of all brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies I’ve worked with. Do NOT use this tactic, because they simply have never heard of it.

Your followers, subscribers, and likers continue to interact, for a purpose. They like, know, and possibly trust you. So, why not have a system developed for reaching out with each of these people individually?

Now, for those with a larger following… This might seem tedious.

But, can you imagine for one second..

The type of revenue that could be generated, per say… If Grant Cardone had a team that was reaching out to each of the people that interacted with his Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, social media posts, and so on?

It would be, $$,$$$,$$$ in more revenue every year. Literally. So go out,

and cultivate your soil!


2. Sell more than one product or service. And create them yourself.

Do you JUST sell an autoresponder? Do you just sell a course or guide? Do you just sell 1,2 or just 3 products?

Because here’s the deal…

A) Most of the people on your list will, and want to buy, more than one product. They in fact, need are looking for more solutions. If you want to scale your business, you need to get as much money from your list and clients as possible. NOT because it’s greedy. But because, you need to SERVE them, as much as you can. And continue doing so, until either they’re dead, or ignore you to never return.

So you need too… Create 3-5 different products or services surrounding what you currently offer. Because some people as well, will NEVER buy your main offer, so they need a higher, and lower ticket similar item to consider.

B) Be smart, and craft different but similar offers that they still want and need.

You can watch as big brands quite often do this. Example…

There is a reputable shaving company that grew quite rapidly, just off of selling razors, and

replacement blades. They continued, and scaled even more, once they start introducing their own shaving cream, cologne, and so on. Use this methodology, and change your business forever.

If you create products and services yourself, you also retain 100% of the revenue generated from sales.


3. Reach out and find leverage, for massive exposure.

This is one of the keys, to truly developing a brand and to scale your revenue and sales, incredibly fast.

You need influencers, big friends with big followings, and you need all eyes and attention on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Without massive exposure, you can be kept from scaling to the 8 and 9 figure realm that you dream about while you’re tossing and turning in bed.

To truly, go viral…

You need those with huge followings, helping expand your brand.

Whether you start allowing affiliates to sell your products, pay some influencers to make some posts are articles about the reputability of your company, or whatever the case may be.

You often HAVE most of what you need already in place.

You just need more eyes, ears, leads, and revenue, coming down your pipeline! This is one of the biggest points that most businesses miss. Do NOT underestimate how much attention your business needs. Because it needs ALL the attention it can get!

The big reason big brands are successful, is because their brand is synonymous and known to their customers, while also always being in their face and thoughts.

You need to always be in the eyes of potential, past, and current customers and clients.

With these 3 ideas, you can scale your business, immediately.

The third could require more capital needed, however the remaining 2, are already in your hands, waiting to be used.

While you wait, I want you to think about this…

If you DON’T have a calculated, and exact plan to execute the above information. You could lose out on, not just hundreds if not thousands of hours spent experimenting and testing what will and won’t work…

You could also leave behind hundreds of thousands of dollars if not MORE, over the next few years, if you don’t execute the above, in a an exact and converting fashion.

I highly recommend that you hire a consultant such as myself, so you can save time and money, having a details and exact way for you to start executing the above information, and so much more… Before your competition keeps beating you out, and before you lose out on your current audience, and customers, potential!

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