It seems like we’re never able to witness the startup companies that become the 9 figure giants, until they hit the mark.

They start off slow, and then progress to a crazy level of revenue seemingly brought to them by the gods and then there they are.

In the top of their industry, making a killing. Helping a lot of people. And…

Leaving you scratching your head, wondering. “Why hasn’t our company done that?

Why is our business still behind?”

Leads aren’t coming through fast enough, customers aren’t converting, your business definitely isn’t scaling, and it quite frankly…

Sucks. For everyone involved. Employees, customers, affiliates, everyone involved is scratching their heads too.

The idea that there’s some magic easy button that will help you scale in an instant, is ridiculous.

But, there are a few things you can do. That will in fact, help you reach your next comma much faster than you are right now.

  1. Get out of obscurity.

Who’s the first person you think about when you hear the word, “sales”? or “marketing”?

Mine would have to be Grant Cardone. Yours could be another. The point is, recognition of your brand. Recognition that your brand is quality.

And constantly being in your audiences eye is KEY for results of any kind when you’re trying to scale forward.

You must enclose your audience. You must awe your audience. You must build like, know, and trust better than all of your competition, and constantly remind them that you’re there.

This, is how you dominate a market. Just as Russel Brunson did very quickly with ClickFunnels.

You must develop a plan to scale forward in your follow up, action, content production, and everything marketing and sales. THEN, you’ll start being seen.

2. Create content that has a definite impact.

When I write content or create videos of any kind. I do so, with the aim to give my audience a tool or bit of knowledge that will be useful, while building like, know, and trust.

Some lame, 10 page PDF is not impressive anymore. A quick “3 steps to xyz” is not going to make your audience and customers go bonkers.

They want, VALUE. Pure value. Something valuable enough that you SHOULD charge for it. But that you care enough, you give it away free.

That’s when, they come biting and you can sink the hook, and get a customer for life, just like that.

3. Your product, simply has to be the best. There is, no way around it. Product development is #1.

Because situation A) You aren’t the best. So you’re audience doesn’t choose you, because there is a better option.

B) Your audience thinks you’re the best. They buy your product or service, discover you’re not. And switch to a competitor.

Loss. And a big loss.

I’d rather not get a customer. Then to have an unhappy customer.

Think about that for a moment, I hope you’ve realized the same thing for your own business or company.

I hope you found a takeaway from this, and that it was worth the read.

Have an incredible day!

Let me know if you wish to know more, or if you have a thought, go ahead and chime in.

Talk soon,

– Jon Weberg

Special Note* Notice I didn’t say anything about increasing your ad spend.

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