Stop trying to re-invent the wheel.
Your business runs on 3 main activities…The majority of your time NEEDS to be spent on increasing your numbers in each of these activities.

  1. Lead production

Leads as always, are the lifeblood of your business.You need to master 1 method of lead generation at minimum, and then focus your ability to scale that method of lead generation. That’s it.
So, if you’re using FB, LinkedIn, Media Buying, Solo-ads, CPA networks, etc….
Master that method of lead generation. In order to… A) Get Leads At A Continually Cheaper Cost. B) Get More Leads Per What You Are Spending C) Getting Continually Higher Quality Interested Leads

2. Conversion of those leads

How fast, and the ratio of the leads you’re converting into actual customers needs to be a priority to be increased.How often, and how much, and from what number of variety of sources, you follow up with these leads, will determine your ability to turn them into customers.
Daily, relentless, texting, emailing, calling, messaging methods are all necessary in order to have an omnipresence in your audiences eyes.

3. Getting those customers to continually invest with you

How do you continually provide value, and ways for you and your customers to continually do business together?Your ability to scale is heavily determined by your ability to continually doing business with your current customers. How can you get $10, $50, $1000, more per customer?
How can you automate this process? How can you increase this percentage in your follow up funnels and follow up processes?
These are just a few key factors that will determine you success.Become more efficient. That is your aim.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.
There are no “secrets” that magically turn your business into a gold mine. Increasing your percentages and conversions is what will turn your business into a diamond mine.
Have a great day!

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