You write emails, you post content, you create videos, and for most businesses,

you’re met with, – jack squat. Or close to.

You’re unsure why, and you want to change it.

I’ve been there too, along with the companies I consult for. It seems to be a viral issue that’s on the rise. People just don’t seem responsive. However…

There’s a few ways you can start changing this. First of all, you have to understand a few marketing mechanics that allow the top 1% of businesses to thrive, and stay, where they are.

  1. Audiences want content and communication focused on THEM. Not on you.

You can brag about this, and brag about that. We made 10 trillion dollars in 10 seconds. Yada yada. That’s not what your future customers want or even need to know.

They want proof. They want testimonials. They want to know that you ACTUALLY give a damn about them.

How do you start doing this? Give them immense value at YOUR cost. Develop a in depth PDF of some information you would normally charge for, give them it, for free, or at a low price.

Reach out to them with a call, text, and build a real relationship with them. Go above and beyond what you’re “supposed to do.” If you show them you care, and that you’re on their side. They will pay you for a life-time. And why shouldn’t they, if you’re the golden egg in their eye.

*Stop writing and creating content about yourself, write for them. Train them. Give to them. Fuel them.

2. You most likely are jumping to quick to the sale, and not quick enough to the relationship building.

95% of all leads DON’T convert on initial contact.

You need to focus on building a relationship with them.

You need to focus on following up, like a master, with them.

All in thoughts of the long run, and building long run trust.

You shouldn’t be jamming product and service down there throat again and again.

Build, like know and trust. Then give them what you know they need.

Relationships are business. Business is relationships.

3. Be professional. Show your credibility.

People buy based on like, know and trust. No matter what the industry is.

So you MUST, be that guy, that girl, that is at the top of their game.

You have to be a professional, look like a professional, and everything you do must be professional.

I don’t care if, “that’s not your style.”

Again, it’s not about what you want, it’s about what the customer wants.

Do you want to buy a new car from a teenager in dirty shorts and a tanktop with a smirk on his face?

Or do you want to buy from a professional salesmen that’s in a full suite, and has a smile on his face?

Professionalism drops many objections and barriers. Because as a professional.

You have a first impression that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re credible.

USE this, be professional in your videos, content, products, websites, etc.

And you’ll win.

Those, are 3 simple ways to drastically increase how much of your audience is listening to you, and how many of those select few, actually care.


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