Joel’s $250 Million story and how YOU can duplicate it now..

The story about my good friend Joel, will inspire you…Because he didn’t always own 4-5 different companies…And have done over $250 million in sales… He used to be working out of his small basement… Cold and clammy hands, working to connectthe cords that would build his empire… He did everything he could, but…Nothing seemed to […]

Stop Trying To Re-Invent The Wheel

Stop trying to re-invent the wheel.Your business runs on 3 main activities…The majority of your time NEEDS to be spent on increasing your numbers in each of these activities. Lead production Leads as always, are the lifeblood of your business.You need to master 1 method of lead generation at minimum, and then focus your ability […]

Why Your Audience Isn’t Listening – And How To Change That

You write emails, you post content, you create videos, and for most businesses, you’re met with, – jack squat. Or close to. You’re unsure why, and you want to change it. I’ve been there too, along with the companies I consult for. It seems to be a viral issue that’s on the rise. People just […]

All 5 Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Next Comma

You know them truly, and you might even love them! The excuses you give, and myself occasionally as well, that keep us all from reaching our next comma. They degrade and detract, keeping our revenue, leads, and content to a stand still. No more however! Because we’re about to dissect and execute these 5 excuses […]

How To Scale Your Business Beyond 8 Figures Without Breaking The Bank

It seems like we’re never able to witness the startup companies that become the 9 figure giants, until they hit the mark. They start off slow, and then progress to a crazy level of revenue seemingly brought to them by the gods and then there they are. In the top of their industry, making a […]

How To Follow Up and Create Life-Long Repeat Loving Customers

You’re always being told. “The fortune is in the follow up. 97% of your sales come from the follow up.” Which both of those statements are true, but how do you follow up? How do you follow up in a way that customers appreciate, and want you to more of? Because following up in the […]

Why & How To Get Out Of Obscurity With Massive Exposure

We all face throughout our days a plethora of different, issues, problems, and tasks that are varying in their level of importance. Some are trivial, while others are critical for business growth. There is on in particular however, that stands out among the rest. Even if you have low conversion rates, even if you have […]

2 Methods To Bring A Failing, Or Succeeding Business, To It’s Next Comma

Whether you’re business is dead, or thriving… There are 2 ideas that you must execute upon to reach your next comma. Grant Cardone, Anik Singal, Gary V, and many others preach and practice this as well… Use these, and be set free. 1. Exposure – Every business is in obscurity, and YOU, need to get […]